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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Thaddeus43, Aug 18, 2013.

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    Just got done rewatching the game, and wanted to look at all of Locker's throws last night.

    Locker played the entire 1st half and went 12/20 (60%), 116 yds, 0 TDs 0 ints

    1st pass - (1st and 10, Under Center) PA pass. Locker dumps it to CJ in the flats about 2 yards down field, CJ takes it another 6 yards (8yd gain total) ... Good job taking what the D gives and picking positve yards on 1st down

    2nd pass- (3rd and 2, under C) PA pass. Locker hits Kendall Wright on a drag ~8yards down field. Kendall goes about 9 more yards (17yd gain total) ... Great throw by Locker on this pass, he hit Kendall in stride which allowed Kendall to get some good YAC.

    3rd pass- (1st and 10, Shotgun) Quick throw to Kendall ~5 yards down field ... I like this on a 1st and 10. Quick pass, take what the D gives you and get ahead of the chains

    4th pass - (3rd and 2, shotgun) Quick throw to CJ in the flats, caught ~0yds down field, CJ takes it ~8 yards ... Another instance of taking what the D gives and converting on 3rd down. Good throw that allowed CJ some YAC.

    5th Pass - (1st and 10, Under C) Drop back pass, hits Nate ~9 yards down field on a comback route ... Another good, on target throw from Locker. I like the quick decision making

    6th pass - (3rd and 8, shotgun) - Throws to Britt, but pass is knocked away by the defender, incomplete ... This pass was on target and he had Britt in man, so I like the throw/decision. But this was more of a good play by the defender. I would've liked Britt to maybe comeback and extend a little better to win fight for the ball, but overall just a good play by the D.

    7th pass - (3rd and 3, Shotgun) - Throws to Nate on a fade ~20 yards down field, incomplete ... This was a BEAUTIFUL pass by Locker IMO. Ball was placed perfectly, he had his man 1 on 1, and the pass hit Nate in the hands. Really need our WR to win this battle. The only thing I don't like about this play was the timing. at 3rd and 3, we should not be throwing a low % pass like this IMO (even if it should've been a TD). I would've prefered to see a quick dump off pass to get the 1st, then take a shot.

    8th pass - (1st and 10, under C) - PA pass, Throws to Britt ~17 yards down field on a deep in route, incomplete ... another well thrown pass by Locker. Britt just let this one get into his chest and dropped it.

    9th pass - (2nd and 10, under C) - Set up a screen to Greene. Good pass, and it looked like the blocking was there, but a defender broke through and made the play for a 1 yard loss.

    10th pass - (2nd and 8, Under C) - Pass to Britt ~8yds down field, Britt takes it another 7 yards (15 yd gain) ... Really just another on target throw from Locker, making a good quick decision.

    11th pass - (1st and 17, shotgun) - Hits Nate about 6 yards down field, Nate picks up 3 YAC (9yd gain) ... Locker squeezed the ball in a tight window. Good throw, but a little dangerous IMO.

    12th pass - (2nd and 8, Shotgun) - Hits Wright 3yds down field on a shallow out route 0 YAC ... Not a perfectly placed ball, but Locker had a guy right in his face, and did good just to get rid of it and actually complete a pass for 3 yd gain.

    13th pass - (3rd and 4, shotgun) Hits Doyle about 4 yards down field right at the 1st down marker, but Doyle drops the pass. Other wise it was a well thrown ball, and a good quick decision.

    14th pass, under 2 minutes in 1st half at this point (1st and 10, shotgun) - Locker steps up to avoid the rush and hits nate ~13 yards down field, nate picks up about 3 more (16yds total) ... another good throw, hit Nate in stride, but at this point the D is playing softer and allowing completions to the middle of the field.

    15th pass - (1st and 10, shotgun) - Locker over throws everyone, but with the clock running and less than 2 min to go, this was more of a throw away to stop the clock.

    16th pass - (2nd and 10, shotgun) - Locker is under heavy pressure and low and behind Wright as Locker is getting hit.

    17th pass - (3rd and 10, shotgun) Locker steps up into the pocket and fires a nice pass to Wright for a 1st down about 17 yards down field, 0YAC ... Another well placed ball by Locker

    18th pass - (1st and 10, shotgun) - Hits Nate on a quick throw near the sideline for 6 yards, Nate gets out of bounds with under 1 min remaining.

    19th pass - (2nd and 8, Shotgun) - Locker under heavy pressure and underthrows Britt ... Locker really just had to get rid of the ball quickly and live to play another down on this play. esp considering the time left in the half and field position.

    20th pass (3rd and 8) - Locker over throws the ball, not a good throw here. There was a some pressure on this play too though.

    Over all I thought Locker played a great half. Of his 20 passes, only 3 were off target, and he was under pressure on all of those. I really liked all the decisions he made last night. He took several intermediate shots, and a couple down field. Also did a good job of taking what the D gave him at times to keep the chains moving. There were a couple of bad drops, but I don't think you can really blame any of those on Locker's ball placement. His ball placement was very good and very consistent. I liked how he got off to a good start as well conecting on his 1st 5 attempts. Short and intermediate passes were very good (which is something we struggled on last year)

    As far as the offense as a whole goes, I actually really liked the play calling. A good mix of taking what the D gives and going down field some (whish is exactly what I want to see this year). The run game looked good again. The only thing that prevented us from scoring points was really lack of execution by the Wrs IMO. too many dropped passes that killed drives.

    Definitely some work to do fro the O, but Locker looked very good overall. I know its only preseason, but I am optimistic if we can fix some of the small mistakes.
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  2. Scarecrow

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    I thought Locker had a ****** game?
  3. Tennessy XO

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    Finally, someone here who will give us a true analysis. No whining and crying.

    Good post, hi 5

    Now... If you could go ahead and get an avatar that'd be greeeaaattt.

    A random blank meme will be fine.


    Oop never mind you already got one. Congratulations and welcome.

    Scarehoe is in the closet
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  4. Zappa71

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    I was watching the highlights on and it showed where Nate dropped the pass. He said Adam Jones "knocked the ball away"...:biglaugh:...Nate just dropped it. Poop man Jones had nothing to do with that play.
  5. corymiller

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    Really nice write up.
  6. RavensShallBurn

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    If he plays like that every game, we'll make the playoffs.

    The drops and missed tackles by Pollard won't be common... I hope.
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  7. Tennessy XO

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    I literally hate the NFL.

    The NFL app is blocked if your phone is unlocked.

    The website videos are blocked on a phone.

    They won't put highlights on the Titans app.
  8. Zappa71

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    I would rather look like crap in the preseason and be able to fix the problems, as to getting wins in the preseason and going into Sept over confident. Remember the Lions all!
  9. Zappa71

    Zappa71 MYAAAH!

    And honestly, look at the scores and stats from some of the other NFL preseason games may be pleasantly surprised.
  10. Thaddeus43

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    Yeah, I am not concerned about the wins in preseason. I just want to see that the offense is clicking and able to move the ball, and really just want to see if Locker can be accurate in game like situations ... Last year during the preseason, Locker really didn't look very good. I wanted him to be the starter last year, but honestly didn't think he did much to win the job in preseason. We didn't really move the ball much at all last year in preseason, and that carried over to reg season

    This preseason so far I have seen a lot different Locker, esp yesterday. He was on target with almost every pass, and even though we didn't score much, we were moving the ball down field pretty consistantly. Thats really all I look for in the preseason.
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