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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by xpmar9x, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. xpmar9x

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    3 games before injury:
    67/104 - .64 C%
    781 yards passing (260.3 YPG)
    4 TDs - 2 INTs
    67 yards rushing (22.3 YPG)
    2 Sacks (.67 per gm)

    7 games after injuries: (to him and OL, Week 10+)
    110/208 - 53 C%
    1395 yards passing (199.3 YPG)
    6 TDs - 9 INTs
    224 yards rushing (32 YPG)
    22 Sacks (3.14 per gm)

    Don't give up on Locker yet guys. He's got 11 career starts. His numbers before the OL starting sucking and he got hurt were impressive. I know this is hypothetical, but if he repeated his performances in the first 3 weeks all season, his end of year stats would be: 4164.8 yards, 21.3 TDs, 10.6 INTs, 356.8 R. Yards. That's a pretty impressive year. Hopefully we can boost our OL this off-season, which will make the entire offense better. I just hope Lockers confidence didn't take too much of a hit to ruin his career.
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  2. Thaddeus43

    Thaddeus43 Pro Bowler

    Yeah I'm not giving up on him yet. He was looking pretty good to start out the year, then when he comes back from injury, he comes back to a different team ... new OC, OL dropping like flies. We need to revamp the OL, hope that Loggains can actually install a decent offense this offseason, and next year there will be no excuses for Locker. Hopefully KB will be back to 100% as well.

    If these things don't pan out. If Locker plays bad, if our OL still sucks, if KB can't get back to form, etc then I think I will be ready to blow it all up. This year is a make or break year for the current Titans team IMO
  3. Ensconatus

    Ensconatus #ShoutboxAlley4Life

    Coaches must work his internal clock and his short game. Well see
  4. Psychop1

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    You also have to keep in mind that in those first three games, he dislocated his shoulder in the first game. Played with a brace in the next two games. By the time he came back from his broken shoulder, we had already lost Harris. Two games later, we lost more linemen to the damn dirty Texans. It's not exactly the type of season where I want to pass judgement on the QB. On some level, you have to, but it's impossible to make a fair comparison.
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  5. xpmar9x

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    Another note: Remember those first 3 games CJ has a massive 45 yards (all 3 combined). Not sure if that's a positive or negative for Locker.

    Positive: More passing attempts?
    Negative: No run game help?

    If we can get a healthy and improved OL, a steady OC (likely to be Loggains), CJ keeping his end of season pace, and Locker playing like he started the year... we should have a legit offense.
  6. Obie09

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    Still think Jake Lockers inability to read a defense or audible out of a play played a pretty big factor in the run game not working at all as well (along with the obvious injury issues etc). Also the fact that defenses aren't scared of him at ALL.
  7. Obie09

    Obie09 Starter

    When Locker was in this year CJ 162 carries for 542 yards 3.3 YPC
    When Hasselbeck was in this year CJ 114 for 702 6.1 YPC
  8. UrbanLegend3

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    That's one hell of a stat my friend. Only variable that could skew those stats to my knowledge is that under Locker, CJ was running behind an inferior line than the one he ran behind when Hass was in. Still the stat paints quite a picture.
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  9. Titans Eternal

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  10. GeronimoJackson

    GeronimoJackson Pro Bowler

    Played a part? Of course. A large part? I don't think so, CJ was unstoppable when KFC was stinking up the joint more than Locker and VY combined.
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