Locker run a penalty?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titan_fan_4ever, Sep 24, 2013.

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    The wki definitions are correct. A cut block is when you go low at his knees but you are the only one blocking. This is not legal everywhere (ask Ndamikan Suh) but CJ would have been fine cutting him except...

    A chop block is when a player is already engaged by a blocker and another blocker tries to cut him...hence the term CHOP BLOCK. Technically the flag is correct since Warmack got a hand on him and CJ immediately went for his knees. However, this looked like a ticky tack penalty from the game view as it looks like the guy goes right past Warmack and CJ picks him up with a cut block. This is NOT what the Chop Block rule is designed to prevent. The DeCastro situation is exactly why the rule exists because while Pouncey was currently engaged on Casey, DeCastro was gonna chop out the legs and its very hard for DL to protect their knees in that situation. But in CJ's block, clearly the guy got past Warmack so its not like Warmack is still actively blocking him in the sense that the defensive players attention is on Warmack and cant see CJ coming...hes looking at CJ not Warmack because hes by him.

    I think Periera was pointing out the change in the rule which these officials didn't know, not the validity of the flag call. Like most of the flags that went against us in the first half, thats should be a noncall. If you were using that level of scrutiny, you'd throwing flags on every play involving the OL. Someone is always holding a little bit...even DL too!!!

    Hope that clears it up!

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    Thanks man. Good post.

    But yeah, I figured though that he should have actually said that though in the video segment I posted. He coulda still said that the flag should not have been picked up and yada-yada, but he coulda also mentioned that it shouldn't have been a flag in the first place.
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    a chop block is what decastro did to pouncey in game one lol
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