Locker Pre-season Game 1 Review

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans23, Aug 9, 2013.

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    I agree with you on all accounts. He really just managed the game, but it's good to see he can do that. I'd like to see more too, but I'm sure that won't get busted out until week 1. Which is why I think the preseason should be 2 weeks and the regular season should be 17 weeks with 2 byes, or 18 weeks with 1.
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    I remember last year after the Lions game they said that they were having to pull out the playbook to avoid going 1-3 or something. They said they had hoped to save them until closer to the playoffs, so we may not even see the best this offense has to offer until later in the season...

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    That is a good point, teams do sometimes hold back in the Regular season
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    I thought Locker did pretty well. The Redskins pretty much just pass rushed while Locker was on the field (notice Orakpo over-pursuing Locker and miss CJ on that TD run). 7 for 11 and 58 yards with that much pressure is not bad. Those are the plays he would fall apart on last season and turn the ball over. I was happy to see him step up in the pocket and take the sack when necessary instead of trying to do too much.
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    He managed the game. I'd like to see more throws down field off play action as well as some more exciting play styles. More to come. The trick with locker is to relieve the pressure early so he settles in.. Then let him ball out.
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    We need to have a core set of run and play action plays that we can consistently add new wrinkles to show similar looks and keep the defenses honest. Much like the texans do.
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    Aside from all the negative regarding the team and Jake Locker, even from myself as a frustrated fan, I guess we just have to wait and see what Munchak, Locker and the coaching staff do in 2013. Very simply, if the team wins 10 or more games and the defense steps into the top 10 in both yards allowed and points, all the right decisions were made regarding our coaching and quarterback.

    This is as vanilla, obvious and bare bone as possible. If the Titans struggle again, finish 8-8 or worse with similar results statistically from last year, let the re-building begin. Even though Locker is only in his third year, look what Griffin, Luck, Dalton and Russell have already done. And that's four new quarterbacks in the NFL on teams that weren't even close to post season contenders the year before they arrived.