Locker is anti-clutch!!

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    I swear we have the most emotionally unstable fans in the NFL. One week the sky is falling then the next we are unbeatable. After the Chicago game it was fire everyone and get rid of everyone on the team then after the Miami game it was playoffs here we come. Jake is in his 2nd year with 7 career starts with a bad team. Give him some time. I bet if we had Rodgers everyone would be calling for a new qb after this week. Stay calm everything will be ok.
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    So Locker is the only reason the team is bad? He didn't even play in 5 of our games.

    He is a 2nd year QB who played very little last year. Shouldn't we at least wait until he has a season of starts under his belt before we brand him?
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    Re Cam Newton..

    If he has a horrible game people want to jump on that a super sign. But we can ignore a three game stretch where he hasn't thrown a pick and has a 115 passing rating? Plus for the 2nd straight year he will run for 700 yards and have 10 or more rushing TDs. That never matters right?

    Put Cam on the Falcons and Ryan(This years media darling)on the Panthers and their numbers converge. He has a bad o-line, a crappy running game and only one good WR. Cam with Wrs like White and Jones would light it up.
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    Career passing rating..

    Christian Ponder-75

    Cam Newton-85

    Duece sounding dumb yet again.
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    Jake played poorly for much of the game and was horrible the first half. It rivaled the Collins' half in San Diego back in VY's rookie year. Yeah, he's young and it's far too early to say he's a bust but we should be seeing less repeated errors. Tuck the ball and run instead of holding the ball and taking a hit. Quit trying to throw the ball over J.J. Watt when he's batted down three already. Take better care of the football in general. The slow starts and sputtering in the red zone is brutal. He has to start showing more.

    I don't think he'd disagree. He has to be better.

    But, I also know he's not getting much help. The drops. The penalties. More bad angles on defense. Fair catch inside the five. The Titans simply stink on multiple levels. It's not a formula in helping a young QB develop.
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    I agree with most of this (hence the H5), but I do disagree with the part of the repeated errors. IMO he did correct those. We didn't see nearly as many errors in the 2nd half that we saw in the 1st. Jake and Loggains made corrections at the half. Things like that is what I like to see from a young QB. Sure he made his mistakes, but he correct most of them, and I expect it to be even better this week.

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    Cam may very well end up like Tony Romo, which isn't that bad. At one time Tony Romo was as good as any QB around, sure he stinks now, but who stays great forever? There's not going to be 10 Tom Brady's in the league.

    When we played him we had the perfect game plan for him, now with more film, teams are finding ways to slow him down. But he's still a step ahead of them. Give him some support in the run game and a defense thats not giving up a whole lot of points, and he could win more games, but he's not Carolina's problem.
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    I'm talking more about game-to-game more than within this past one though I think your point is valid. We just have to hope he can come out in Indy and not sputter in the first half and make some plays in the red zone. Those are the two glaring things I've seen not improve.
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    To get locker going we need to script the first drive. Set everything up with a few easy passes and get him into a rhythm. (Thus why I think he would be productive with west coast elements) once he feels confident and he doesn't feel like he has to carry the team (because the defense just ****ing sucks) he will be able to light it up. Play with confidence and sling it around. (With WRs that catch of course) it's a team sport. When that fool fair catches inside the 5 three times I tend to wonder what the entire **** our coaches are telling these people.

    Another thing is I think the fact that our defense sucks doesn't help him see looks that he will actually see in game. Whatever he is doing in practice is most likely a lot easier to pull off against the griffins and Babs of the league... Some real competition would drive his stock up.
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    He was playing against the best team in teh AFC. He is playing for one of the worst teams in the AFC. Let's settle down and give the guy a chance................... And it may be time to bring back the pigeons on this one