Locker Injury Update: Sprained Hip

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. Fry

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    The best part about this is it looked nothing like the Jackson injury. Just saying stuff to get people riled up.
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  2. Zappa71

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  3. SawdustMan

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    Yeah. It's tough to see a silver lining here. But if Jake had to go down to this type of injury I'm glad it happened now and not later in the year. As you said, next 3 are brutal anyways so I think most of us were going to be content with 1-2 over the next 3 weeks even WITH Jake playing. So as long as we can steal a win somewhere in that stretch and we win the games we should win after that... we should still be right on track for a playoff run.

    And even if Jake ends up being out the full 8 weeks at least he'll have a handful of games there at the end of the year to get back into a groove. Hopefully he's back to where he was pre-injury by the time we roll (or sputter) into the playoffs.
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    I am a certified athletic trainer, over a decades experience in both the collegiate and high school levels. The rehab process will be as follows: improve range of motion (ROM), he has surely lost some while decreasing pain. Once ROM is back strengthen the muscles of the hip ( hip flexors, glutes, adductor muscles, abductor muscles) as well as core muscles. Then they will move to working on strengthening sport specific activities I.E. throwing mechanics, getting under center, coming out from under center, rolling out, etc... I'm sure massage, ice baths, e-stim, power plate and an aggressive stretching program along with oral anti-inflammatories has already been implemented.
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    3 weeks ftw
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    Nice post, makes me feel better.
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    Nice try.
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    Where do you get this stuff from??? (This is a serious question)

    Muchack just said a few weeks...How do you see 6 weeks if all goes well? Given the news just released I don't think that this injury is anywhere near 6 weeks. 6 weeks is a fairly significant injury like a pulled hamstring...I see 2-3 weeks tops with a bonus bye week. If we win one of our next three games I would rather sit him until after our bye. This will give him an extra week to knock the rust off and focus on continuing building on the strongest start of his career.
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    I just took a piss test yesterday and passed it. Thank God for cranberry juice and vinegar!!!
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