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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Fishman35, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Thaddeus43

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    Obviously Locker has some things to work on, but fixing the OL/OC will be a big step in 'fixing' Locker. VY had accuracy issues when he 1st came into the league, and by his last season with us he was looking pretty good throwing the football. It can be fixed, just takes reps and an OL that can actually keep him upright for longer than 3 seconds.

    Another big thing though will be the OC. When you look at a lot of the other young QBs that are having success they have been given a lot of help. The colts went out and drafted Luck 2 good TEs for him to work with (a young QBs best friend). The Redskins, Seahawks and 49ers are running an offense that is 'young QB friendly' as well. You see a lot of spread O, a lot of options ... basically stuff that they were used to running in college to make the transition easier. They aren't asked to make a ton of tough throws, and are put in good situations.

    Another thing they all have in common is a very strong running game. Redskins, 49ers, and Seahawks had 3 of the top 4 running games in the NFL. This takes tons of pressure off of the QB when you are able to have favorable down and distances and are able to convert 1st downs on the ground consistently.

    Locker really didn't benefit from any of this. Palmer took a young QB and put him in an offense that was confusing even to players that had been around the NFL for a while. They asked him to make the tough veteran throws all the time. His running game was inconsistent for most of the year resulting in a lot of 3rd and longs. The offense never really seemed to have a direction, they never tried to get Locker in a rhythm, and then when the offense was finally able to move the ball and get to the redzone, the playcalling got nearly retarded.

    I am not excusing Locker completely. He can be inaccurate, but I do think that some people blow it out of proportion. A lot of his throws were under heavy pressure, and his line was ALWAYS getting pushed backwards. Watch some of these other teams and thier QBs literally have all day long to throw. Are you guys honestly surprised that he fixates on 1 WR sometimes? Young QB, confusing O, and no time to throw ... of course he is going to do that. He still completed a decent % of his passes for someone that was basically a rookie, so it wasn't as bad as some like to make it out to be. That being said there were times that he threw high/behind/whatever, but those things can be fixed. We did it with VY, it can be done.

    Unfortunately we may not get a new OC, and if that is the case, Locker may never get 'fixed' or it may take a long time ala Alex Smith.

    We have seen some good from Locker too though, and I think people forget that. He still needs to put it all together, but he is still very young. He was never considered a 'polished' QB coming out of the draft. You have to be patient with those type of prospects. You can't give them 1 or 2 years and kick them to the curb when they aren't playing great. We knew what we were getting into.

    Honestly I think he deserves at least one more year. And I don't expect for him to be an elite QB or anything, just want to see improvement. I don't mind being patient. I'm not 90 years old like Bud. I have a long time for the Titans to figure it out and get to the SB. I will be patient for now.
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  2. Ensconatus

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    Teddy bridgewater 2014! Lol... Fix locker... There's nothing to fix...
  3. QuickSand

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    I really cant believe Im posting this: Watching Locker is painful. Locker has no awareness. Unaware of the Rush, Coverage, & Defense. Watch Russell Wilson for example, He too lacks in a lot of area's, but one thing he has is awareness. It makes things possible when plays Break Down "as they do" Even the best coaches cannot teach that. He'll be as good as the work he put's in. JL will have to memorize everything he is taught to be serviceable, but, he'll never be a top qb. I live in the Bay Area and Sorry to say, Jake Locker reminds me of an Athletic Alex Smith
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  4. TheSureThing

    TheSureThing Straight Cash Homie

    Who cares about college? We already drafted locker, and wasted that pick. College stats mean nothing, Favre was never this inaccurate in the NFL. Locker will never be accurate in the NFL.

    It's a skill thats developed early on, not at the NFL level.
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  5. GeronimoJackson

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    Lol 11 starts man, 11 starts. And Mike Vick improved his accuracy later on in his career.

    Were you asking VY to get out of town when he was stinking up the joint and looking worse than Mark Sanchez in 07 or did you think it was too early?
  6. TitanJeff

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    I hope the coaches break down all the film on Locker and evaluate the causes of his inaccuracy. Was it pressure? Was is poor reads? Was it indecisiveness? Was it footwork?

    It think it was all the above at different times and some of that can be fixed by film study and experience. He'll need to show a lot of improvement next season or it'll be his last.
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  7. TheSureThing

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    Mike Vick is STILL inaccurate. If Mike Vick didn't have his legs you would have never heard of him.

    Vince Young's problem was never accuracy. He could put the ball on the money in tight windows, his problem was reading defense (which he figured out) and decision making (which he kind of figured out). Yeah, Vince was throwing incompletions and picks, but he was throwing the ball into traffic, not into the dirt or the 6th row. I'd rather have a QB that makes bad decisions and can't read defenses than one who can't read defenses, makes bad decisions, AND is inaccurate.

    I'd take VY over Locker in a heart beat if I had the choice right now. Locker sucks. Cut the 11 starts bullcrap, this is his 2nd full year. He's terrible, move on.
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  8. Alzarius

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    McNairs first full year as a starter, completion percentage 52. 14 TD and 13 INT. (just brought him up because hes the best we have had since Oilers became Titans)

    Eli Mannings first season (7 starts), 48.2 completion percentage but lets see what he was his first full season...... 52.8

    I could post more but Im just not in the mood tonight.

    Accuracy can improve.
  9. Ensconatus

    Ensconatus #ShoutboxAlley4Life

    Right now locker under pressure has been 35% completed. 71/25
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