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    If Jake Locker is to be a starting QB, and I know many who think he will never be that, but this is what I think he needs to focus on:

    • Reading defenses. This comes with time. He has only started 11 games, so cut some slack on this one. Manning sucked at it in his first full year too.
    • Checking off receivers. He gets too locked in sometimes and cannot move to another quick enough. Again, can be developed with experience.
    • Leading the receiver. kaepernick is awesome at this, and Vince Young was the worst. Youngwould wait until the reciever planted his feet, turned around, and yell "I'm open" before he would throw it, and the corner would jump the route. Great QB's lead the receiver. Not too sure if this can be fixed with his accuracy issues.
    Just my 0.02ยข
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    I was kinda hoping this would be a thread about making the Titans actual lockers nicer instead of the 10,000th thread on our quarterback.
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    Locker needs to be accurate. End game. That means in every area. And also needs to be decisive. Noth of those things happened this year. Lets hope something crazy clicks for next season...other wise we will be drafting early again.
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    I think the font on the names and numbers above the lockers should be bolder.... and maybe make them a nice navy. The red is kinda hard to read.

    ...and the white walls are boring.
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    I hate the imitation wood they use as well.....
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    Teddy bridgewater 2014!
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    you can't teach accuracy.

    He's a waste of time at this point..
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    I hate to admit it, because they are rivals, but the Jags have a really nice locker room. Titans versus Jags is an embarrassment to the franchise.
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    Brett Favre completed just 52 percent of his passes in college, but 62 percent for his NFL career.

    I'm not saying Locker didn't suck this season, but it's also premature to call him a bust. I think 3 years is appropriate to fully evaluate a QB.

    Matt Ryan regressed a lot his sophomore year and your boy VY was a different player his third year.
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    Pre snap phase has to be much better. Locker seems to have trouble dealing with blitzers & hot routes.

    Accuracy is a weakness for Locker, and it always will be. I think he should focus more on the bootleg work & reading defenses. Locker can extend plays & create confusion (i.e. pump fakes) so that he can help receivers get open. It makes it less likely for an interception to be thrown.

    Overall I think Jake is a good decision maker. He's not afraid to keep throwing the deep ball, even after he misses or the linemen knock it down. He's not incredibly consistent but he has shown the ability to avoid interceptions & fumbles for a full game. If we can give him a good line to allow him more time, he will be successful. Too many times Locker has made something out of nothing, and I think he will continue to improve because he has a positive mental attitude.
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