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    <p><em>Posted by's Paul Kuharsky</em></p> <p>INDIANAPOLIS - Bill Polian's podium talk on the final day of official media availability at the combine qualifies as a must-listen and always draws a crowd that fires a wide range of questions at him.</p> <p>As usual, he offered a lot of great answers, but few of them did much to help us sort out his team's current issues: the status of free-agent-to-be center Jeff Saturday and veteran receiver Marin Harrison, whose cost is salary-cap prohibitive.</p> <p>Saturday's agent, Ralph Cindrich, announced this weekend that his client would test free agency. Polian said he understood where the representative was coming from, didn't want to comment on that announcement and said the team had made an offer that Saturday was still mulling over.</p> <p>Cutting Harrison could save the team $6 million against the cap while leaving behind a $7.4 million hit in dead money.</p> <p>"We're having discussions," Polian said, but the possibility this is the last capped year creates issues with Harrison and others, issues they are trying to work through.</p> <p>Vague on both counts.</p> <p>Another entry or two coming with more from Polian shortly. We thank you for your patience.</p>

Thread Status:
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