Lions looking to trade for starting-caliber WR.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by pettso, Aug 25, 2013.

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    NE traded Randy Moss for a 4th two years after he shattered records. Donavan McNabb was traded to Washington for a 4. Brandon Lloyd was traded I think for a 5 and that was after a hugely productive year.
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  2. ColtKiller

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    If we tag him then he hits us for huge cap money in an important year. He has to earn the tag or he walks (hobbles) after this season
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    I believe Marshawn Lynch was traded for a 4th. And in his prime without injury concerns.
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    Letting Kevin Walter and Michael Preston not make the 53 man roster is what is wrong with this. These guys are very capable of being consistent contributors.

    My thing about the trade D-Will instead of Nate thing is this. I believe if we give D-Will Nate's reps, D-Will could do just as good as Nate. D-Will is also younger and doesn't get paid nearly as much. Yes, it's a bit of a risk because we don't know for sure if D-Will will be as consistent as Nate, but the fact that we could actually get a decent asset in return for Nate makes it worth the risk I believe(not that big of a risk I may add. D-Will, Preston and Walter could all step into Nates spot and be successful I believe).
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