Lighten up Gary Bettman!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by CKTitan, Oct 14, 2009.

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    This guy is a sorry excuse for a commissioner; first he opposes the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes(who has flat-lined ten years ago but Bettman refuses to pull the plug) to the creator of the Blackberry because of his Anti-Canada bias yet he allowed the now convicted criminal Boots Del Baggio buy a share of the Predators to keep Balsillie from buying the team and moving it to Hamilton Ontario, by the way Del Baggio embezzled money from investors to make the team purchase and to my knowledge still has ownership to the team while serving close to ten years in federal prison.

    Now Georges Laraque of my Montreal Canadiens is facing disciplinary action from the league for get this appearing in an ad for Octane 7.0, and alcoholic energy drink made in Canada. I've seen the ad it's only shown on the internet but the women in the ad well.........:hdrool: now the league does have a rule prohibiting players from endorsing alcohol and the ad has drawn outrage from women's rights activists. It's a stupid rule considering that liquor ads are around the rink and Bettman should be thankful that a company considered a hockey player to be a big enough celebrity to advertise their product.

    It also raises the question about a double-standard in the NHL; Laraque a black player could be fined or suspended for being in a harmless commercial yet former Predator Scott Hartnell goes Hannibal Lector on a Penguins player's hand and doesn't get fined!!!!!!!!!!!!:irked:

    By the way here's the link to the ad check it out
Thread Status:
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