Liberty Bowl - UH vs. SC

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by PhiSlammaJamma, Dec 29, 2006.

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    PhiSlammaJamma Critical Possession

    Since my team is coming to your town, and nobody cares, I minus well throw out at least one post to tell you that you will be watching the next great nfl qb, Kevin Kolb, and possibly the Texans next qb with Carr on the way out the door. It is a good dame to go see. The Conference USA champion Houston Cougars and Carolina (spurrier) ought to be a fun game because both teams run whacko offenses. Go see it.

    Here are the Houston and SC Players who will likely make the NFL:

    Kolb, Kevin, QB, 2007, Senior (3rd Round)
    Stats: 27 TD, 3 INT, 161.99 QB RATING

    Arm strength is more than adequate and he has a very quick release...Strong and has a solid build...Protects the ball and has a good career TD / INT ratio...Durable and has a lot of experience...Solid athlete who can run a little and hurt defenses with his feet...Has everything you look for from an intangibles standpoint in terms of leadership, brains and work ethic...Extremely productive throughout his career.

    Does not have the ideal height that you look for...Passing numbers were inflated by playing in a passing system...Accuracy is dodgy, especially on deep balls...Gets too many passes batted down at the line...Worked mostly out of the shotgun...Is going to have to learn how to run a pro style offense and read defenses...Didn't always play against top competition...Mechanics and throwing motion need work.

    Last name is pronounced "Cobb"...Burst onto the scene as a true freshman and ultimately became one of the most prolific passers in NCAA history...There is a lot to like about this guy but he is a tough prospect to project and he'll have to fight the "System Quarterback" label...Could surprise and end up starting for someone.

    WR Vincent Marshall — One scouting service insists he has unimpressive 4.58 speed. Another claims he has impressive 4.38 speed. With his role as a sprinter and triple jumper on the Houston track team, and the way he ran through the Southern Miss defense in the C-USA championship game, Marshall may be a lot of quicker and faster than some teams suspect at this point. He's certainly an accomplished receiver.

    Avery, Donnie,WR/PR, UH, 2008, Junior

    Battle, Jackie, FB, 2007, Senior (7th Round)

    He played tailback, mostly in one-back sets, throughout his college career, but at 6-2, 240 pounds Battle is more likely to play fullback at the next level, even though he lost more than 10 pounds and increased his quickness before his senior season. Now he has to proven himself as a blocker and receiver to get a chance at the next level.

    Willie Gulley - FS - After missing the 2005 season because of a knee injury, Gulley has come back strong as a senior and improved his stock, most likely working his way into the draft's later rounds.

    TE Rodney Hannah — Hannah isn't a polished product by any means, having played only one season of college football, but as a 6-foot-6, 245-pound former forward on the Houston basketball team he's likely to get a look from a few curious teams.

    Lubojasky, Cody, ILB, 2009, Sophomore
    Pahulu, Brendan, OLB, 2008, Junior
    Pilot, Chris, OLB, 2009, Sophomore

    Sidney Rice, WR, 2007 (1st round)
    At 6-foot-4, Rice would add so height to an undersized Pats receiving corps.

    CB Fred Bennett — Bennett entered his senior season as one of the nation's top five senior cornerback prospects but hasn't lived up to expectations at times, hurting his draft stock and likely dropping him out of the second round.

    C Chris White — The Gamecocks' line went through a lot of changes in 2006, but White was a steady force. He's not particularly athletic compared to NFL centers, but he does have enough size at 6-4, 312 pounds to get a look in the later rounds.

    WR Syvelle Newton —
    Someone will likely draft him and give him a long look just to see what he can do, but what will they do with him? He played receiver, quarterback and free safety as a senior and helped the Gamecocks through some tough times, so NFL teams have to like his character. Now they just have to find his best position (probably WR) and give him a chance to learn.

    Mitchel, Blake, QB, 2008, Junior
    Newton, Syvelle, WR/QB, 2007, Senior (7th Round)
    Wells, Cody, LB/SS, 2008, Junior
    West, Marc, LB/SS, 2008, Junior
    Whiteside, Noah, WR, 2007, Senior (7th Round)

  2. PhiSlammaJamma

    PhiSlammaJamma Critical Possession

    The average attendance here is 57,000. Holy crap! That is amazing for a second tier bowl game. I am shocked. Houston hasn't won a bowl game in mylifetime. I'm ready, gametime is 4:30 pm ESPN.

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