Lets play a what if scenario...

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    Britt is a liability on and off the field. Let him walk if Hunter or Preston work out. Williams can be the next Nate and Wright is our slot man. If Preston and Hunter both work out, we are so money! Munch is already prepared to hold Britt out of 1 or 2 practices a week this season due to his swollen, surgically repaired knees. I think this question is a huge "what if?" and we will have to just see how it all plays out. Personally, I'm over Britt. I do agree that he is a great downfield blocker and a huge asset to the team when healthy, but I would love for us to have some other options.
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    So in other words let Britt walk if EVERY OTHER GUY works out? Ok so in reality, what do we do with Britt?
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    I do not think there is any chance we keep Britt more than two years after this year. If at all. Two possible scenarios I see:
    1. He has an excellent year. We franchise him, he has another amazing year then franchise him again. then he leaves. Then he gets a long term deal and sucks. A'la Albert Haynesworth.
    2. He has an average-to-above-average year. We offer him a fair deal. Some other idiot team offers him more money thinking they can get more out of him. Then he gets said long term deal and sucks.
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    Williams and Wright have already proven themselves. Preston is a pretty solid receiver who won't do much after the catch, but he runs good routes and comes up with the catches. He played well at the end of last season and has been playing well in preseason. The only one who might or might not work out is Hunter. Taylor Thompson, Craig Stevens and Delaney Walker will also get their fair share of catches over the next few years, so even if Preston and Hunter don't work out Wright and Williams can be the top receivers of the future and we might have to draft a young 3rd and 4th for the future. We will see, but by all indications the Titans are preparing for life without Britt.