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You in Volek's corner or Fisher's on the issue

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  1. Sukrillux

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    Fisher knows how to get fans tangled in words. Volek knows how to stay cool in a very rough situation. Notice that Fish says that the agent requested a trade last year. Not Volek. Yes, some may argue that there is no difference. But look at the Chris Brown situation back in the summer. I would be asking for a trade also if the FO brought in a vet and gave him a starter's contract after I was named starter. Then, Fish says it was "just a little competition." Yeah, I can see Collins coming in and "competing" for the starter spot and falling to 3rd string @ $2 mill a year if Volek did better. I don't buy that "competition" stuff. They backed Volek into a corner and used his reaction as an excuse to demote him. That is the way I see it. I could be wrong. There was mention that Volek lied to Fish in the interview about "where he was." I don't know anything else about that, but it seems that Volek's performance had nothing to do with him losing the starting job. It would have been different if it had been McNair. Fish would have brushed it off. Oh well, maybe Volek can get to the playoffs this year now. :ha:
  2. skitch

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    As evident by that all time intelligent comeback.... "go cry somewhere else".
    Wow! That's impressive. How long did it take to come up with that one!?!?:ha:
  3. Gut

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    From a strategy point of view, the Titans should have brought in Collins from the very beginning for 2 reasons. First, may the best man win. Second, KC would know the offense as a starter or backup.

    I don't think Fisher handled the situation poorly. When they signed KC, they brought Volek into his office to explain the situation. Volek should have welcomed the competition perhaps with a comment like...I'll show you why I deserve to be the starting QB.

    Instead, we get our current starting QB demanding a trade 10 days before the season starts. Talk about abandoning ship!

    And for what? A little competition? And if KC stinks so bad, why did Volek feel a need to get traded if he could outplay KC?

    As far as paying KC $2mil to be a backup, how much did SD pay Rivers to be a backup? In reality, the Titans could afford it for a year especially since Volek wasn't making that much.

    IMO, Volek handled this poorly. The Titans FO handled the timing of the Collins thing poorly which has left us with Vince Young being the only professional ACTING like a professional! Kudos to him!!!

  4. Ewker

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    it took about as long as it did for you to post this

  5. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    haha. I wanted to post something like that!
  6. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    Gut, you are the man. I normally don't quote big huge long posts, so I won't.

    your post = :toast:

    That kicks ***. I like that. I will enter it in the post of the day contest. :brow: along with ammo's nailbiter.
  7. zackmann

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  8. Slackmaster

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    KFC is not the "best man" for the job. ANyone who thought that does not deserve my "support" for all the nothing that means.

    Fisher is in charge of course, but it looks like he is wrong, and that he now lies to the press, the team, and the fans about many things.

    Volek is the starter, no wait, we mean, we want competition for the QB job, no, make that Billy didn't want to "compete" by having his reps taken away...
  9. Vigsted

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    The fault in your argument lies in the assumption that Collins was brought in to compete. I personally don't buy that you bring someone in 2 weeks before the opener to compete, because noway in hell would Collins be able to outperform Volek in 2 weeks.

    And as for your reference to Rivers, there's a huge difference between having a young QB as backup while he develops to paying a veteran millions to just hold a clipboard. Remember we already have a multimillion dollar backup.
  10. Hoffa

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    There should have been a 3rd option, NEITHER.
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