Rumor LeSean McCoy beats girl who turned blind eye to child abuse

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by 520, Jul 10, 2018.

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  1. TitansWrath

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    Like I say, it usually deals with things like holding yourself out as husband and wife, or mingling of assets to the point where a marriage is constructed to avoid injustice.
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    From what I'm reading from the links everyone is posting, the police is investigating an especially aggravated robbery/home invasion. If there is evidence that links McCoy, he's likely looking at a conspiracy charge. Each state has different wording to their laws, but that's what would happen in Tennessee. However, no arrests have been made. McCoy may be the main suspect, but the police aren't going to issue warrants for his arrest until they get solid proof.

    There does seem to be some circumstantial evidence that would lead one to believe he's behind the crime. The fact that someone entered the home without force, while she was there, made contact with her, asked her for specific items he wanted back, and beat her are all pretty damning against McCoy. Criminals who are only interested in committing thefts usually prefer to burglarize homes when no one is there. They target items that are easily fenced. Such as: televisions/ electronic devices; jewelry; recreational vehicles/garden equipment; cash; firearms; etc. For there to be a home invasion in the kind of neighborhood McCoy likely resides in, someone had to put them up to it. No way it's random.

    Its not enough yet to get a conviction in criminal court, but I'm certain that she will likely sue him civilly as well. The standard burden of proof in civil court is much lower than in criminal court. If law enforcement is unable to dig up anything else that leads them to effect an arrest on McCoy, he's still gonna have issues with her in court, and likely face suspension from the league (who also have a lower standard burden of proof). Let's not forget that Brady was suspended when the league investigator found that he was "more likely than not" involved in deflategate. I am interested to see how this investigation pans out. If I were the lead investigator, I would be checking McCoy's phone records to see who he contacted leading up to the night of the robbery, and seeing if anyone in the neighborhood of the crime has a surveillance system that would give me an idea of what the suspects were driving. Identify the perpetrators, and follow the trail back to the source.
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    This is a strange story, let's wait for all the facts to come out. We saw what happened with judging Reuben Foster too early.
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    I imagine a lot would hinge on catching the guy who did the home invasion. If Shady was involved they would almost need to get that guy to roll.
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