Lendale says Titans missed playoffs because they didn't play him enough

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TorontoTitanFan, May 5, 2010.

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  1. Psychop1

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    QB, defense, and ST's were the problem, not RB. With our terrible return game through the first six games, and faltering defense, we needed homeruns every drive to stay ahead or get ahead through the first six games. This is why White took a backseat and our offense seemed to be pass happy through the first six games.

    I agree the Titans should have used White more, as well as Ringer when healthy after the first six games. Should have kept a decent rotation going. CJ was gassed late in the season. He might have made more amazing runs with fresh legs. The Titans seemed to go with the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' philosophy, and I can't blame them for that. The offense was still performing at a high level. After Vince took the reigns, the Titans averaged 27 points a game without White being a big part of the gameplan. That's a top five offense.
  2. iQon

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    We also lost in the playoffs that year when we needed him more than ever. He also did little to nothing this year when he did get game reps. If I remember correctly, our run game (and wins) actually boosted when CJ took over. Lendale quit in the NE game.
  3. Big Time Titan

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    F... Lendale White.
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  4. nate42104

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    That would be like Jim Sorgi saying they didn't win the Super Bowl because they didn't play him enough.
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  5. munie

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    no way!
  6. Mizzo

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    I would give you a high five if I were capable of doing so.

    Honestly though, I don't mind him saying any of this. Of course he is absolutely incorrect about the Titans lack of success being a result of his diminished play time, but I still hope for the best for LW.
  7. 757Titan

    757Titan We had zero pro bowlers

    This is ridiculous that people are actually agreeing with lendale. When I go to game I soot in the fam section in David thortons section. Lendales dad always sits in front of me. Finnys lovely mother behind me. You wouldn't believe all the crap that lendales dad talks about fish and our staff. It's crazy how disrespectful he is. And all he would say is give lendale carries etc etc etc whining like a baby. But one day, cj got hurt...the sprained ankle in Opn our turf against Baltimore, well whites dad was so flipping happy bc white was gonna get some carries. I know you all remember how the rest if the game went. I'm pretty sure cj had like 79 yards or something b4 he got hurt. Lendale, well he sucked. And we lost. My point, is that lendale is a less than average #2 back. He had one of the worrse ypc for a thousand yard back ever! Yess he falls forward, but he's slow, he fumbles, he isn't that good at receiving. But when have you seen him run people over, not very often if at all. That's what I want out of my backup behind the best running back in football. Go titans!
  8. Big Time Titan

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    Now if he had slimmed down to 218 his first or even second year hear, I would be on this guy's side. But come on, he was a fat slob until his final year here. And now he wants to slim down, that p!ss3s me off. What a jerk. Stay classy Lendale.
  9. cdubbs2121

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    seriously quit crying. The guy had over 2000 yards and your making up excuses on here for lendale white and his who fumbled half the time he touched the rock. He showed up REAL BIG against the ravens in the playoffs right?? remember when CJ was shredding them and got hurt? Remember who came in to carry the load? Lendale. He couldn't get it done and fumbled in the red zone. Maybe you should watch the patriots game last year in the snow. Our only guy to step up was CJ. Lendale got the rock and fumbled because his hands were cold. I dont know what in the hell you're talking about CJ being gassed at the end of the season either. The guy was straight killing it and would have almost taken dickerson's record had their not been a holding call.

    All you do is get on here and say negative stuff about every post and complain. Why are you even a Titan's fan? Go watch the wolverines. They're an amazing smash mouth football team right now...
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