Leicester City --Biggest Cinderella Story Ever

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    It is hard for people to North America to fully grasp how big it is for Leicester (pronounced "Lester") City to win the league title in perhaps the top soccer league in the world. European soccer leagues are run completely different than North American sports leagues.

    Imagine if the college football national title was won by a team from the MAC and you get close.

    Leicester City lift Premier League trophy after 3-1 win against Everton – as it happened | Football | The Guardian

    European soccer leagues do not have any kind of spending restrictions. There is also no draft and very little revenue sharing. The more successful you are the more money you make.

    Which leads to a tiny minority of teams dominating everyone else. Not only does this tiny minority have payrolls that are several times more than regular clubs they also have the best scouts, sign the best prospects have have the best development programs.

    Which is what makes this Leicester championship so impressive. And this is not a team that got lucky in a short tournament. They won over a 9 month season finishing well ahead of second place Tottenham.

    Their top scorer, Jamie Vardy, is as Cinderella as the club itself. A late Bloomer who four years ago was playing in a 5th tier league.

    No Cookies | Daily Telegraph
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    This whole thing started with a Thai orgy think about that.
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    Good old Leicester. I mean its hard for a Southampton fan like me to congratulate another side for winning the Premiership but ... these guys need serious Kudos.

    Firstly - last year , these guys were on the brink of relegation to the Championship. While you get money from the league when you drop out of the Premier League , the vast amount of money in English Soccer stays in the Premier. The gulf from the Championship down to the lower tiers below that is utterly stratospheric.

    They were managed for the last couple of years by Nigel Pearson who is basically a hard-nosed SoB and last year he pulled off the miracle of keeping them up , when IIRC at Christmas 2014 , they were massively adrift at the bottom of the league.

    Pearson though was unpopular with board as he was having run-ins with fans , face-to-face confrontations with fans during games and had a really terse relationship with the press. His final straw was that as Wildwar has said , his son was a player at the club and he was sacked for filming the orgy he was taking part in on a pre-season tour to Thailand ( the club has Thai owners ).

    Once his son was sacked , Pearsons position became impossible and he got the boot.

    The new appointment Claudio Ranieri has managed other teams in the Premier league (Chelsea) before , without a huge amount of success and had come fresh from a disasterous reign as manager of the Greek national side.

    When the news broke that the quiet softly spoken Italian was due to take over , most fans in the Premier League thought at least one team was guaranteed to be below them at seasons end. How wrong everyone was.

    As the season went on , everyone grew more and more incredulous as Leicester fought their way to the top of the league....Man.Utd , Man City , Arsenal , Tottenham , Chelsea and all the big money spenders failed constantly to get results against Leicester and in fact failed to have great seasons , losing to far lesser rated teams to help Leicester's cause even further. They were even losing to each other

    Its not that Leicester have played the best soccer. They have ground out results when losses looked likely. They have beaten teams far better on paper than themselves comfortably and played with a band of brothers team spirit that has proved their strongest link.

    The squad is pretty much the same as last years that struggled but everyone has stepped up to the plate this year. The majority are journeymen or under-achievers or "squad" guys , not gifted with a great deal of skill but people that can tough results out.

    Its been great watching all the big money spenders floundering in their wake this year and it will be great watching them take their place in the Champions League this year lining up against all the big names in Europe such as the Real Madrid's , the Bayern Munich's and the like.

    At season start their odds of 5000-1 to win the Premier League seemed if anything , a little stingy. NOBODY in England thought that they would be higher than mid-low table and many had them as relegation certainties.

    It is pretty much "you've got to be kidding me" stuff.
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    There is someone here that used to have the Leicester logo as their avatar. Wish I could remember who.
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    Had I known the odds were 5000-1, I would've put $1 down. Always do when the odds are that improbable.
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    It's been a fairytale story this year. I think it's good for the premier league as its been a snoozefest for too long.
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    I am a West Ham fan and it has been fun watching them have a better than usual season.

    Watched the last game at Upton Park today and what a way to go out, with a victory over powerhouse Man United.

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    The championship was decided by two teams, neither of which were this one.

    Dumb dumb dumb.
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    What championship?