League Conduct Policy Appears Arbitrary

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    Why does it take longer than a day? Are you really serious? For one we haven't even heard the sentencing from the judge, which will come on Monday. I am sure Goodell wants to hear that first. Second, Vick could be facing state charges. As I have been down this road also, each event can stand on its own merit. All the events have not played out yet, but you can be certain Vick won't play this year, so there is no need for Goodell to rush to hand out his edict. In Pacs case it is different...as he has not been convicted of anything (please remember, this does not matter), so in his case it was a violation of the NFL's policy, and Goodell did not have to wait to see if he was found guilty. Goodell wanted a message sent that it is not OK to make headlines and give the NFL a bad name, whether you are guilty or not. So to send this message, he had to suspend Pac from playing. It's just the reverse for Vick. The legal system is going to take Vick off the field, and Goodell can step in when he is ready. Are we clear?
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    I agree Vick won't play- but that hasn't occurred yet. All that has been said is that he is not to report to training camp.

    Policy as administered- arbitrary. Pac- suspended BEFORE legal charges were proven. Goodell cited bad publicity as conduct policy violation. Vick suspended AFTER legal charges validated. Lots more bad publicity. Goodell hasn't moved on Vick yet for a number of reasons that are inconsistent with how he treated Pac.

    Policy as administered-arbitrary. Are WE clear?
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    Oh, excuse me, I didn't realize Vick and Pac were indicted on the same charges....where have I been? Of course both situations should be handled identically...since both crimes were exactly the same. You should run for commish when Goodell steps down....you have your finger firmly on the pulse of the conduct policy.
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    More Proof --

    The NFL acted swiftly today to the news that Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of running a dog-fighting ring at his Virginia home, adding an additional year to the existing one-year suspension of Titans cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones.

    “During my time as NFL commissioner, I have made it clear that I will not put up with any of our players – no matter how big a name they are or how marketable they might be – putting the NFL in a bad light,” said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. “I do not even require that a case run its course in the legal system. And that’s exactly what I’m doing again in this case. I will not wait to see if Michael will get convicted before I levy a judgment against Pacman.”

    Vick maintains his innocence in the case, but says he will accept the commissioner’s quick decision.

    “I am eager to see my name cleared in a court of law,” said Vick. “But until then, I will accept my punishment like a man. It will be hard for me to watch a talent like Pacman Jones sit on the sidelines for an entire year, but NFL players are at the mercy of the commissioner in such situations. I have half a mind to file a grievance with the union, but I probably won’t.”

    Jones says he will, however.

    “Man, this is bullsh-t,” said the embattled Titans star. “Goodell refuses to cut me any slack at all. I have yet to be convicted of a single thing, yet now I’m out for not just one year, but two. How was I supposed to know that skank-ho stripper I made it rain on was his niece? The guy needs to get over it and stop taking everything out on me.”

    But Goodell scoffs at claims he is treating Jones unfairly compared to the many other NFL players who have recently had legal issues.

    “I made it clear to Pacman when we met at my office a few years ago that he had to stop hanging around unsavory characters or his suspension would be extended,” said Goodell. “But since then I’ve learned he is loosely associated with many despicable individuals such as Chris Henry, Tank Johnson and Michael Vick. So I believe I have been quite fair with him. He needs to either clean up his act or get several huge endorsement deals that would make me think twice about punishing him so as to not harm the marketability of the league. It’s his choice.”

    Story released the day after Vick's indictment. Didn't get much press.
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    A policy is to designed to provide a method for handling different situations in a similar manner. My point has always been that the policy has been administered arbitrarily, or in other words, the method and/or premise was different. Yes, their cases are different, but the method or premise in which they processed was different when it should have been the same to be consistent and effective. (Namely, charges, allegations, and negative publicity being sufficient to warrant conduct policy violation as occurred in Pac's case. Another example of "premises" would be "right to a jury by peers", "fair and speedy trial", "innocent until proven guilty" etc.). By using a consistent method, it reduces unfair labor practice liabilities such as discrimination (eg-Odell Thurman).

    I believe what we are seeing with this Vick case is a "back-pedalling" in the most subtle way by the league from issuing NFL punishment before a player has been found guilty legally. I believe that Goodell realized with Pac's appeal that there was too much liability associated in administering the policy in that fashion. I had no doubt that a large market player would eventually violate the conduct policy by the precedents Goodell established with Pac, and would challenge (due to monetary concerns) the manner in which the policy had been administered.

    Honestly, I'd be surprised if we ever see Goodell or the league administer league punishment again before somebody is guilty by admission or found so in a court of law.
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