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    SUMMARY: LB Rob Reynolds will not play in Sunday's game against the Texans according to Coach Jeff Fisher. "Rob will not play in the game," Fisher said. "He is not here because I asked him to leave the facility. Whether he is here the next couple of days remains to be seen. We are still gathering facts." Reynolds has a court date scheduled today in Ohio, where he was charged with domestic violence, assault and criminal damaging as a result of an incident with his estranged wife, Jennifer, during the weekend.

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  2. Fry

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    frankly, he should be cut. he should have never been drafted after the jim sorgi incident. i dont really care what guys do off the field, but when you do stuff like that ON the field is where i draw the line.
  3. Ewker

    Ewker Starter

    I find it odd that he was at his ex-wifes house. It seems he spent the night there since he was up drinking at 7:00 AM (not that I haven't done that before).

    If he had been a starter would Fisher have done this? Different standards for starters vs reserves I guess
  4. fltitan

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    I hope he get's the message the Titans are no longer going to put up with this behavior. If he needs to be cut then so be it, it won't take long for the players to get the message if we continue to be tough on these incidents.
  5. bongo59

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    the wife is trying to make this go away because her divorce settlement is predicated upon him making NFL money.................hows that for irony.............
  6. Jwill1919

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  7. Tennessee

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    Ha, perfect ... serves her right for being a money grubbing, cheating, Hooewait-a-minute, I started to go off... These personal life issues are always terrible, Him for getting married to her and also the stupid situation that went down... but lucky for her the lawyer was able to get through b/f she got both their meal tickets kicked outta the NFL.
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