Later Round QBs?

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    There are better vids of him. Ones were you can see him going through his progressions pretty well. The video I seen on him showed some promise. Good mobility within the pocket, and I am convinced that he has enough arm strength to make every throw. Not Elway by any stretch, but plenty of throws I saw from him were the comeback routes to the far sideline. Very telling throw.He pats the ball, which kind of annoys me, but I wouldnt be upset with taking that kid. I think he believes his arm to be stronger than it really is, judging by some of the throws he was making. He was vs Stanford though, so may have had no where to go.
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    Assuming Bridgewater, Carr,Bortles, and Manziel will not be latter round QBs. Boyd neither really, but if he falls to the third absolutely, we probably consider him in 2nd.

    So latter round QBs we should get:

    Murray (since he is projected to fall), Garoppolo, Mannion, Fales, James Franklin and I think we should draft 2 of those 5 if we can.
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    How many times are you going to try this garbage? Bro... I've been right on almost all quarterbacks.

    And you can pretend you all knew this- but I argued with TONS of people here on almost every one of them. Hell, I'd even say every one of them.

    I said Cutler would be the better of VY/Lienart.
    I said Lienart and VY would both bust.
    I said Andrew Luck is the next Sam Bradford- stats line up exact.
    I said Russell Wilson's size was unimportant because of his play style.
    I said Kyle Boller was a sure bust.
    I said Rex Grossman was a sure bust.
    I said Carson Palmer was the best (as hyped) of his class.
    I said Leftwich would be good, nothing great.
    I said Ben Roethlisberger was better than Eli Manning.
    I said Philip Rivers was the best between all 3.
    I said Eli would never be much better than mediocre.
    I said Aaron Rodgers was far better than Alex Smith.
    I said Alex Smith was a 3rd round pick at best (worth-wise).
    I said Jason Campbell would be mediocre at best.
    I said Jamarcus Russell was the easiest bust call in draft history. (laugh now- you all argued and told me how he can throw the ball 70 yards on his knees. OOooooo!! CooooOOool!)
    I said Brady Quinn was the most overrated player in the draft.
    I said Joe Flacco was overrated- would be an average QB.
    I said Stafford would be a better pro than college QB. Didn't like him in college- thought he'd be a good pro.
    I said Mark Sanchez would bust.
    I said Josh Freeman would bust.
    I said Sam Bradford would be average at best.
    I said Tim Tebow would be out of the league in 3 years. Exact!
    I said Jimmy Clausen was even more overrated than Brady Quinn.
    I said Blaine Gabbert was the easiest bust call since Jamarcus Russell.

    Wrong on:
    I said Ricki Stanzi was underrated and could be a very good player.
    I said Cam Newton was a sure-fire bust.
    I said Christian Ponder was the best QB in the draft class (skill-wise) if healthy, would be best.
    I said Chad Henne would be a better pro-prospect than college player.

    I said Colin Kaepernick was terrible and wouldn't be good.
    I said Locker may be my favorite of the draft class after some warming-up to him late.
    I said RGIII was clearly better than Andrew Luck. I still think he is... but time will tell. Injuries and all.

    Every year you guys argue with me about these guys. Typically if I'm majorly knocking a top hyped QB- odds are he's going to fall on his face in the NFL...

    But continue to act like I'm ALWAYS wrong because I HAVE been wrong. Makes sense.
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    Tbh I was literally just talkin ish cuz I really only remember a few of the ones you posted because I've been here since September of '11.

    But it's a good list.
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    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    You're an assface.

    I need to make all these lists anyway since it happens often.

    I'll have to check with Alex1939 and a few others to see who else I've been wrong on. They have it saved on their computers.
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    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    What impresses me most about Fales is- his receivers very rarely have any separation.

    He has to squeeze a ton of them in there perfectly to have a chance at completing them.

    Yet 13 ints and 33 TDs...

    Give him a guy like Mike Evans, like Manziel has and the guy would throw for 5,000 yards.
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    My Fales comparison is locker. Without the accuracy/anxiety issues
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    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    That's a solid comparison.
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    Yea. Very similar game. As a second or later I'd be okay with it.
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    Murray will be the Tyler Wilson of this class. 4th round PS player.