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    A lot of fans are looking for a new Quarterback in the 2014 NFL draft possibly even in the first round. However, it looks like a lot of the late round Quarterbacks are having success.

    Russell Wilson- 3rd round
    Nick Foles- 3rd round
    Kirk Cousins- 4th round

    Colin Kaepernick- 2nd round
    Andy Dalton- 2nd round

    Undrafted Matt McGloin won his first career start with 3td 0int
    Undrafted Case Keenum although benched last game has 8td and 1int on the season

    This upcoming season could be a good investment in the later round round Quarterback:
    Zach Mettenberger
    Derek Carr
    Jimmy Garoppolo
    Blake Bortle- Probably will return for another year
    Tom Savage
    Bryce Petty- Probably will return for another year
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