Last Ten Years, Titans Have Made Post-Season Twice

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JimmyTitan, Apr 20, 2014.

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    Jeff Fisher between 1999-2008 made the post-season six times. During the last ten years, under Fisher for seven and Munchak for three, the Titans have made the playoffs only two times.

    There had been a wealth of talent that have walked in and out of Nashville in recent memory, without a Superbowl Championship or even appearance during that time.

    Vince Young, Lendale White, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Albert Haynesworth, Travis Henry, Cortland Finnegan, Nick Harper, Jordan Babineaux, Lance Schulters, Tank Williams, Bo Scaife, Alge Crumpler, Kevin Mawae, Eugene Amano, Tony Brown, Jason Jones, Kerry Collins, Matthew Hasselbeck, Jared Cook, Chris Hope, Keith Bulluck, Stephen Tulloch, David Stewart, Rob Biornas, Adam Jones, Jacob Bell, Zach Piller, Benji Olson, Peter Sirmon, David Thorton, Randy Starks, Travis LaBoy, Antwan Odom, Robaire Smith, Drew Bennett, Justin McCareins, Andre Dyson and even Chris Brown just for the sake of being a talented player that went nowhere.

    With players like Derrick Mason, Steve McNair, Eddie George, Samari Rolle, Kevin Dyson and Frank Wycheck at the very least getting the Titans to their only Superbowl appearance since 2000, the long list above shows just how much TALENT this franchise has had play on it's football field and only making the playoffs TWICE with a good majority of those names in ten years.

    So far this off-season, we have said goodbye to Chris Johnson, Rob Biornas, David Stewart, Alterraun Verner and Damian Williams. So once again, it seems that no matter how good the talent is or who coached it, the Titans can barely get to a Divisional Round Playoff game at their very best.....

    Is Ken Whisenhut and his "new direction" really going to change all of this and why???
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    Oh for ****s sake
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    I think we are all well aware of the postseason drought. I put that on poor management and coaching. But now we have a new owner, new HC and new(ish) GM. I'm hopeful. YMMV.
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    Damnit Jimmy!
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    "Wow! What a wonderful audience!"
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    ****ing gold
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    This is pro sports. Disappointment is the norm. In the last 30 years the Steelers are MAYBE the only team that has not had to endure at least one prolonged period of disappointment. How have the following teams also done in those 10 years:

    • Buffalo
    • Cleveland
    • Oakland
    • Tampa
    • Saint Louis
    • Miami
    • Detroit
    If I am missing any others feel free to add. And the biggest common denominator is LACK OF A FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK.
    I think this is exhibit A

    I think not having a franchise QB is bigger. If Locker or someone else does not become one then the new management is likely doomed to failure.
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    Some of the players you listed seriously sucked... and most were average.
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