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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Riverman, May 4, 2015.

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  1. JR1980

    JR1980 Pro Bowler

    Doesn't matter much, because he isn't going to end up being a Titan...

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    Jameis Winston is trying to get him to tampa
  3. Aqutis30

    Aqutis30 Do you mind - NOT being a Motaur?

    No doubt there is a big difference. I'm just saying that if the Titans FO is going to use morals when explaining why they do or do not do something, then they need to be consistent.
  4. The Bukafax

    The Bukafax Starter

    You have to know "Coach Speak" by now. They can't say something "Yeah we aren't looking into him because he may be a suspected murderer". They say their usual generic statement as to not cause issuers.

    Ruston would get crucified if I said he won't look into a guy because hes a possible murderer.
  5. Mitch86

    Mitch86 Pro Bowler

    From what I've read, DGB was basically kicked off the team after an accusation that he pushed woman. He was never even questioned by the police in the supposed incident. Just so happens this came up at a time the school was under heavy scrutiny about a sexual assault victim that commited suicide. Most likely he wouldn't have been kicked off the team if the accusations hadnt occurred during all of that.

    As far as the marijuana... I read he was cited for smoking a blunt.Later he was arrested for marijuana in someone else's car and that person later confessed it was theirs so they couldn't charge him.

    He should lay off the weed and stay away from shady women. That's something the team can take a chance on... But it's not the same as possibly gunning down a women and an unborn child.
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  6. CheeseheadTitan

    CheeseheadTitan Pro Bowler Tip Jar Donor

    From what I am reading here, Collins is not considered a suspect, and it has been verified that he was not the father of the unborn child. However, as others have mentioned, if he is still being interviewed he is not "in the clear" on this either.

    It is still a bit of a gamble (from a business side, not morals side) IMO. However, I would like to see us starting a conversation with him at this point. There is no harm in that.
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  7. CheeseheadTitan

    CheeseheadTitan Pro Bowler Tip Jar Donor

    Yeah, that is what I read as well. Pot issues need to be cleaned up, but the issue with the woman is more of an issue of extremely bad timing, having occurred at a time when Missouri had no choice but to completely overreact (due to the PR resulting from the suicide you mentioned).

    I am encouraged by the fact that he transferred to OU, then participated on the scout team for the full season knowing that there was no chance he would play. Yeah, he knew he had to do that to be positioned for the draft, I get it. But, it shows me that he has some discipline here, which is encouraging.
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  8. CuseTitansFan

    CuseTitansFan Starter

    I think it's way too early to assume we are neither in nor out Collins. I doubt the contract plays much of a part because he will get way more based on incentive bonuses for playing time. Undrafted free agents can start renegotiating after 2 seasons.

    I think Webster will look into him but listening to him talk makes it seem like, ultimately they think they are all set at O-line for now.
  9. Mberglo

    Mberglo Starter

    Isn't the max contract for UDFA somewhere around $1.5M over three years? That seems like a good risk/reward for someone that would have been a first rounder otherwise. I don't know anything about Collins, but if he really graded out that high, offer him a max contract.
  10. Titans2004

    Titans2004 Pro Bowler

    If Collins' agent is trying to find him a team where he can start at OT then the Titans would have to be pretty high up the list. His competition would be Bell and a 3rd rnd pick. The other teams that have all shown interest already have more established OTs.

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