Kuharsky always ceases to amaze me...

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Laserjock, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. Laserjock

    Laserjock South Endzone Rocks! Staff

    He blogs this morning about the ineffectiveness of the Fire/Hire websites that have gotten attention recently. Basically calling out these people as wasting their time, even though he is writing about it and calling attention to it himself.

    I just find it ironic that he chooses to imply that just having a website up makes you no different than the guy on the street corner, other than you have a "much glossier presentation".

    I remember when Titanium started the Tennessee Oilers Fan Page almost 10 years ago. Who would have thought that message board would be the one we now come to visit?

    While I may agree that its doubtful that any these FireHim/KeepHim websites will truly impact any decisions around the coaching staff, I do find it ironic that PK's opening statements are:

    "You have a computer and you have an opinion.

    We get it."

    You are writing a freaking BLOG for crying out loud....the freaking poster child for "I have a computer and an opinion and I want you to read it on the web".

    If this drivel got my attention, who is to say those websites he is criticizing may not find the attention of many people across the web?
  2. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    I bet if a poll were taken of all Titan fas there would be a significant % that would want Fisher or other coaches fired. I don't think any of these sites expect to sway Bud Adam in any way. They are only to vent their frustration and to see how many fans agree. Of course we all are less concerned about the "ineffectiveness" of these web sites and more concerned about the "ineffectiveness" of the coaching staff. Fisher can joke about this fiasco (he said he would buy a T shirt from the fire Fisher site and that they had only sold about 18) but if we keep going down this path of a ridiculous product on the field the fans are going to go from caring enough to start these sites to simply not caring anymore at all. We can only take so much.
  3. The Mrs

    The Mrs Crush on Casey Starbucks!

    Kuharsky is a jack*** and many of the players concur with that statement!
  4. CRUDS

    CRUDS Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake Staff

    I'm sure MIKEBROWNSUCKS.com had it's effect on ownership.. The team tried to take action against the site etc.. Pretty funny..
  5. Titanville

    Titanville Need New Coach

    I agree. I hate having to listen to his senseless dribble on the radio in the mornings on 104.5. What does he think his blog site is? It's on the computer and he has an opinion...we get it and we're tired of listening to him now. Maybe some day soon he will crawl back under his rock and if I'm lucky he'll take that Phillip guy that calls in all the time with him. :wink2:
  6. GoTitans3801

    GoTitans3801 Forward Progress!

    Shouldn't it be that he never ceases to amaze you?

    Sorry for being picky.
  7. titanbuoy

    titanbuoy medium rare ®

    I'm pretty sure he meant always. I laughed out loud at the thread title.
  8. bongo59

    bongo59 Camp Fodder

    so do many fans...........................the tennesseans readers have bailed on the paper and diehards now flock to the web for content and real time news than listen to his filtered drivel...............he should report all the news and not hide any facts for the team.............his job is to report the news not make it or hide it.
  9. Tungtide

    Tungtide Just Another Freak


    Same here.
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