Kubiak counts 12 missed tackles -- on two series

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

    There is plenty of blame to be passed around in the wake of the Texans' very poor opening day showing in Pittsburgh.

    But it's hard to blame poor tackling on coaching, especially when the head coach says it was a point of emphasis during preparations.

    "We tackled extremely poorly in the third quarter," Gary Kubiak said. "Throughout those first two drives of the third quarter, I think we had twelve missed tackles if I counted correctly. Against that team, they're going to keep pounding you. Knowing that we had to tackle well in the game throughout the day was something that we talked about all week. So it was disappointing to go through a stretch like that when they were basically putting the football game away. Throughout those two drives in the third quarter we were extremely poor on tackling."

    Zac Diles (11), DeMeco Ryans (eight) and Mario Williams (six) lead the team in tackles. I wish I had access to missed tackles stats.

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