Kinney has Surgery on Knee

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    SUMMARY: TE Erron Kinney, already on injured reserve for this season, recently had microfracture surgery on his knee which will take anywhere from six to 10 months to recover from. "Hopefully by the time the offseason comes around, it will be behind him," Coach Jeff Fisher said. "Different players have had it and come back, and come back nicely." Microfracture surgery involves chipping the bone around the knee to make it bleed, and promote healing. There was talk that the seven-year vets knee injury could end his career. "We were concerned," Fisher said, "but since the surgery, we are much more optimistic."

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  2. lets trade him, troupe and scaife are better IMO
  3. Titans2004

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    I was told by someone who works with Elrod that when they went in to scope him in August that the knee was a mess. He told me then that Kinney was probably done. Microfracture surgery is a last ditch effort. I doubt we see Kinney on the field again.
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    Define "a mess".
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    Really? Troupe is better? The guy hasn't performed at all this year, I'd gladly take Kinney over him at this point. Scaife has a pretty good bond with Vince. Not a flashy player, but a solid one, just like Kinney. Troupe shows his greatness occassionally (did you guys tear up a little when he jumped over that guy after the fumble recovery?), but he can't be relied on.

    I hope we get Kinney back. The big man may not be fast, but he always falls forward.
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