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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JCBRAVE, May 20, 2013.

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    Munch doesn't know defense so he hired someone that does....that's one way of handling the matter. Doesn't exactly instill confidence in the coaching abilities of the HC (by title) for me. But Munch does know the O-line, so he's going back to coaching the O-line, that's good, it's where he should be.

    But you know what they say, and it's the same with QB's, if you have two (or three) head coaches......

    I'm being too hard on the guy, he's never been anything other than a position coach, and I'm expecting him to establish a system on both sides of the ball, and hire coordinators that can implement his vision/scheme. He's had no scheme or vision (because he doesn't know either side of the ball well enough), or at least no vision that has been successful. Now we're trying something completely different, and hopefully we're headed in the right direction.
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  2. Fry

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    Williams has been in a situation like the one Boclair is describing when he was in Washington with Spurrier. Spurrier coached the offense and Williams coached the defense. Worked great...
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    I think we are to quick to give Munch all the credit for the quality help. I believe that R. Webster has made many of these moves. After all he is the one who hires and fires the coaches. Maybe this whole package was assembled and Munch was allowed to acept it . Just Saying . . . .
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    Who do you think will be calling the plays? I mean Gray is still the DC, so that means it will be him I guess, correct? Will they stand near each other on the sidelines and call them together? Will Gray be calling the shots under Gregg's scheme? There is much yet to be seen. It will actually be interesting to see how they handle the team from the sidelines.
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    Hopefully it's Williams. Our young, athletic defense is better off playing fast and aggressive; not passive. He'll, I forget which game it was, but when they let our linebackers loose, Brown and Ayers had the games of their lives.

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    Gray will call the plays, but he'll have Williams in his ear telling him what to do. Gray is a puppet, doing it this way allows Williams back in the league at the right pace. After bounty gate he has to reestablish himself.
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    Sounds very machiavellian and is probably true.
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    Yea Williams will be much more involved. I like the mentality he's bringing and the players seem to love it as well.

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    Williams is a huge upgrade to our coaching staff as a whole. I think we are way better on defense the day he took the job. N.O. won a superbowl with brees and offense but if you remember Williams defense got sacks and caused lots of turnovers and the day he was let go they have not been the same. Same here we have not had that 1999 2000 defense since he left. Glad he is back and looking forward to this season.
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    Williams and Gray will develop game plans together (with Williams having final say probably). Gray will call plays on game day, but will have Williams to keep him in check. Gray will be calling plays from the booth, while Williams is on the sideline bringing the intensity for the players. Williams will advise on halftime adjustments.

    Just what I think will happen
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