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    I was listening to 104.5 the zone yesterday and they had Mike Keith on for a half hour talking about mini-camp. A caller called in and ask him the question, which of the unsigned free agents has impressed him most. He qualified his statement by saying that obviously they haven't worn pads yet so it's harder to assess, but he listed three names one of which was really surprising to me. The names he mentioned were Stefan Charles the DT from Canada, Jack Doyle the TE from Western KY, and the third name was Maikon Bonani the kicker from South Florida. He was raving about how strong of a leg this kid has. And to top it off Paul Kuharsky completely agreed with him and was raving about him too (you know if Kuharsky has anything good to say it's really rare).

    That brings up the question, with Bironas having his worst year last year is his job safe? Is it possible that Bonani could win the job? I know in the past they always have 2 kickers in camp, pretty much as a formality, but this is the first time I've heard someone whose opinion I trust say that one of the other kickers looked good. Does anyone know anything about him? Anyone watch him play before?
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    Well his highest percentage was 81% a couple of years ago. All time points leader at USF and record for most consecutive FG's made (12) and extra points made. His career long is 50 with a couple 49 yarders as well. His stats really aren't that impressive so idk either he has really stepped it up or people are just falling in love with his leg.
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    He's not taking Bironas' job. He could be a player who sticks around for the next few years as a training camp guy until Bironas is retired or released.

    We'll see.

    I think it's going to be less hard to find a kicker from here on out. If you look at last year's rookie kickers alone (Walsh, Zuerlein, and Tucker), they were some of the best throughout the season and will likely become known as some of the best kickers in the league.

    But anyways... he's just a kicker. Who cares. In fact, I find it disappointing that a kicker is a standout for us so far.
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    You want to bring in someone just incase you have a freak accident or an outside shot of having the Tom Brady of kickers. Good to see he is impressing, incase Rob happened to go down. But an undrafted rookie kicker is going to have a hard time unseating a guy who has kicked game winning field goals.
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    Did we not just sign Bironas to a contract this offseason or was that last year?

    Either way, two things would need to happen for Rob to be unseated by an I drafted rookie; Rob would have to absolutely fall apart during camp and preseason and this new kid would have be light years ahead of him.
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    Not gunna happen. Rob has been too good for us.
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    Anything is possible but as long as Bironas is still money from the 40 in he probably keeps his job. It will come down to accuracy and if Bironas has a poor camp for some reason, and we don't know if he has slipped from last season, they could opt for the younger guy. If his accuracy is as good or better and he shows a stronger leg they could have a roster battle. Especially if Bironas has lost enough leg his trajectory is down. What is hard is to see these young guys in pressure situations during the pre-season. You don't get many end of half or game winning kicks in pre-season games.

    Maybe Munch remembers what happens when you keep a kicker a year longer than you should (2000?).
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    al del chokeo?
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    2000 - Fisher considering replacing Al Del Greco. Leg strength and trajectory starting to fade. Is it time? Fisher "Not gunna happen. Al has been too good for us."
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