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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Gut, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. Gut

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    Grab a snack and start munching...

    1 - Don't make mistakes. And I don't just mean throwing INT's or fumbling the ball. We can't allow any big returns on special teams, we can't commit penalties (which killed us in the first game), we can't miss coring opportunities (like VY not throwing the ball away so we could kick a FG at the end of the first half), can't bite on playaction, can't take bad angles to the football in coverage or in pursuit, can't miss tackles, and MUST jump on any turnover opportunity.

    We made several mistakes above vs the Texans and Cards and they nearly cost us those games. They WILL cost us this game if we do them against the Colts. We need them to make more mistakes than we do!

    BTW, one of the mistakes we had better clean up is jumping the snap count. It seemed like we committed this penalty 4-6 times last game giving the Colts free yardage. WATCH THE BALL AND DON'T JUMP the count! In the past few games we've been caught less but I can still see guys sometimes jumping the count. Manning will definitely see this on tape and use it...especially on 1st and 3rd downs!

    2 - Be creative on defense. We used to do well against the Colts when we had Rolle to match up on Harrison and a good pass rush. Last year we had a great pass rush and played a loose zone behind encouraging Peyton to call running plays and more short passes. We did well with the pass rush in game one until the last minute of the first half. We need to be creative on defense without showing it to Peyton in the pre-snap read. Each time we gave him a 2 deep look but jumped to man and single S high, Manning completed a medium pass and made us pay. Collinsworth kept saying how could Peyton possibly know it was coming...on the replay, it as obvious. Griff was not in his usual position with one foot forward and leaning forward. Each time he did this we knew he was gonna run downhill to try to cover a WR or TE. If I can see it, you KNOW Manning can. They need to keep Griff or Hope closer to the line of scrimmage and bail out quickly just before the ball is snapped or blitz or drop into short zone (with the CB covering deep). They also need to run more combo coverages which are harder to read and have a better chance at forcing an errant throw or getting a pick. The thing is, as long as we let defenses dictate which CB is covering which WR (when they go 3 wide and put Wayne in the slot...they can get him against Fuller or get him on the weakside vs Harper). With these simple formation changes, they can dictate coverage or make us pay. The Texans did this by lining up AJ vs Harper and motioned the slot across with a single S in the middle of the field. They dictated the matchup and we gave them man coverage and they roasted us for a TD. Can't let Manning pick the matchup, the play and get an expected coverage or they will again put up 30-40pts. Put Bulluck one v one on Clark, roll coverage to Wayne's side and let Finny take the opposite WR man to man. Sometimes double Wayne with Griff over the top and a LB running underneath him. We should also run some plays the Pats ran with Asante Samuel but use Finny in that role...leave a S over the top of him and let him occasionally try and read Peyton's eyes and leave his coverage to gamble for the INT. I would ONLY do this if he's NOT covering Wayne and Griff is the S over top. We need to play more 3 deep looks and when we go cover 2, everyone needs to drop 5-10 yards deeper...especially down the middle. We did this a bit against the Cards and it really paid off on a few plays. On 3rd and 10 or more, we need our best pass rushers in the game and 6 DB's no matter how many WR's they have. We need to stop the pass (and screens) first, then draw. The Titans can also be more creative in changing up coverages if there are 4 CB's and a LB vs 3 WR's, 1 TE and 1 RB. Believe it or not, I would frequently put 6 or 7 guys near the line moving around like the Ravens do on 3rd and longs so the Colts aren't sure who's coming...even if we only rush 4. I would also go 3 DL and 2 LB's at times and then mix up who's rushing from where...we could bring 2 DL, 1 LB and a CB all from one side or rush 3 DL and 2 outside cb with the 2 LB's faking the blitz. A lot of possiblities. We already know Peyton

    3 - Be more aware of the situation and play accordingly. In the last game for example, we left our base personel in against there 3 WR because after ANOTHER roughing the passer penalty, they were in long FG range. We were trying to stop them from easily running into better FG range, but the Colts were thinking TD. Bulluck had the slot WR man to man but he took his normal position. He needed to move back a a couple of yards and make Manning think about whether his slot guy could beat a backed off Bulluck or not. As it was, the slot beat Bulluck by about a yard so Bulluck backing off could have made the difference. Bulluck and everyone else need to think better situationally. Can't give up the big pass since they have the matchup advantage so I'm gonna keep him in front of me. He catches a short pass and you hammer him and the Colts kick a FG instead of score a TD. I'm happy that in the last few games, the Titans have gone more times with their best 4 pass rushers (sometimes that's 3 DE's and 1 DT) on 3rd and long with good success. It has helped the secondary a lot. We need to do this more but also keep in mind the Colts like to stay in no huddle against us so we may have to choose whether we want our 4 best pass rushers in or a balance? I'd keep my best pass rushers in as much as possible and tell them during the week. Prepare for 60 snaps in this game. Resting our D with long sustained drives by our offense will be key in keeping our pass rushers fresh. Depending on how the game is going, we may need to go for some 4th and shorts especially at long FG range.

    4 - Vinsanity and CJ need to be unstoppable. While Britt and Washington can be important complimentary players, this is the game for CJ to have 30-35 touches and show HE'S the MVP of this league. I fully expect to see option in this game, spread option, and even some sprint option in this game. Vince better be prepared to fling the ball faster in the option as Mathis and Freeney close faster than other DE's! Vince will have his chances for some more 50yd bombs to Washington or Britt as the Colts are likely to go 8man front quite a bit to try and stop CJ and VY from running.

    5 - Dinger and Cecil need to call excellent games. Lowry needs to limit the dmg.

    6 - Bironas needs to be on fire as we may need a 50+ or several 50+ at the end of a half or the end of the game.

    7 - Hope and Griff may very well be the keys to the game. When Hope takes bad angles in coverage or pursuit, we not only give up big plays, but they usually turn into TD's. On that TD at the end of the first half when their slot beat Bulluck, Hope - the closer S took a bad angle and completely whiffed...and in whiffing - took Bulluck out of the pursuit as well. If he took a good angle to the ball and made a strong tackle, they likely kick a FG. They have been playing better as of late, but we still gave up too many 20+ yd pass plays but at least we haven't been biting on the pump fakes. These guys play well and we have a chance.

    8 - TACKLE TACKLE TACKLE!!! We have sometimes been gashed in the run game when we miss tackles and a 2 yd gain turns into a 12yd gain (or worse). We need to try and force them to run and then hold up! Tackling is 90% effort so we need great effort and great pursuit. Teams like Pitt usually gang tackle which not only prevents yards after first contact, but also allows the team to cause more fumbles. We need great tackling - pursuit and effort!!!

    9 - Limit the trick plays. While the occasional fake punt can be effective in the right situation, you also don't want to lose the game because we tried to go for it on 4th and 10 from our own 30 with a fake punt. Don't give Manning the short field on a trick play unless we don't have any other choice. On 4th and short, we'd have a better chance picking up the first down with VY and CJ than a fake punt. I wonder if we have a fake FG play for this game...

    10 - DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE. We must sustain and drive the ball on offense to keep our D rested, limit Peyton's opportunities and to tire out there defense.

    11 - Limit their big plays and keep them kicking 3's. Don't give up 7's!!! While we gave up some big chunks of yardage to the Texans, we only gave up 2 TD's. Keep the same approach...if your choice is give up 20 or give up a TD, give up 20. Don't give up easy TD's and don't let them score 7's at the end of the half or end of the game. We need to win in crunch time!

    12 - HIT PEYTON MANNING - LEGALLY!!! We hit Manning more than any other team this year all in the first half. But we can't take a shot at him that could even appear slightly cheap or we're gonna draw the flag and DON'T hit him below the knee. We had a really good pass rush in game 1 in the first half. BRING IT!!!

    We need this win! We need an A+ game from the coaches, the players, and some good bounces of the rock so wear you lucky Titans garb!!!

    GO TITANS!!!

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  2. MDK Titan

    MDK Titan This Space For Rent

    get this guy in the film room, good stuff man
  3. titan_fan_4ever

    titan_fan_4ever Titans Rule

    good lord i cant wait for sunday...

    good stuff man i agree.

    except about the bulluck comment; that had to be a miss communication because never should an LB be covering a WR. it was good for him to play up close, giv a WR space and he'll burn you/break tackle with speed. Perhaps at that point he was trying to make manning/reciver think blitz was coming ...jump the route; still doesnt sound right though...

    bottom line never should an LB be on a WR; and i trust him in that position more than you. cecil might have missed him coming in, or a db (probably safety) didnt pick it up.

    i think actually remember that play, people were pointing around (not giving hints as to what was called on offense, but more of where people need to be) as the snap was taking place (right??) that's never a good sign

    totally unrelated question - can you pancake a receiver? is that legal?
  4. AH3

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    Finnegan can, even if it's not legal.

    Man, we need to put Finnegan in on offense as a blocking receiver specialist. He would lay down some sick blocks out there.
  5. desertcamo

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    We need to not show our defensive plays to Manning and not do what we have been doing which is playing 10 yards off the recievers every play and only rushing our front four. I think it was Washington that played the Colts earlier this year and where terrorizing Manning in the first half due to their D-line and LBs not setting into position until late in the play count. This limited Peyton's notorious audibles. I also think we need to call more blitz packages. Lately the only Blitzes I see called by use is the CB blitz. We need to try to get some Safety Blitzes or delayed LB blitzes thrown in there.

    On offense I think VY could menace the Colts D with quick 5-7 yard strikes to Washington and Britt. I also hope they try a screen or two to CJ. He is a very capable recieving RB and if you get him in a screen or under route open he has the potential to rip one.

    What it all boils down to is being unpredictable. I strongly believe that is what has been winning our games is the creative play calling we have been doing on offense. If we can keep Peyton guessing and get at least one turnover which results in a score I think we have a good chance of winning.
  6. MJTitans

    MJTitans Chris Whitley look him up Tip Jar Donor

    Nice analysis.

    Definitely need to play mistake-free. Don't mind giving up yards, but don't give them up easily.

    Manning has been on an INT streak. If we come away with any turnovers, we have to capitalize.

    We won't take a ton of shots, but Vince will get 2 or 3 chances to hit the deep ball - and he's been throwing it beautifully lately. If we can combine a boring ball-control game with 1 or 2 quick strikes I like our chances.

    Absolutely right about CJ. He's the biggest key. We barely used him last game against the Colts. I don't buy that a fast defense is fast enough to stop him for 60 minutes. He has to come up big, and his tongue should be on the ground by the end of the game.

    KVB is the other key. Their LT woes continue, which is probably why Peyton has thrown INTs lately. Pressure on his blind side is his kryptonite, and brings the Great One down to earth. After a slow start KVB has turned it on the past few weeks. Sacks don't matter, but hits and pressure can make the game.

    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor

    Vince, Chris, and Kenny being clutch is key. Hopefully their performances overshadow all else in a win.
  8. Titans4Life28

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    Usally scoring more points then the other team is the key to win games ;)
  9. Aday25

    Aday25 TITANSDAY

    I say if the we get any sort of lead going into the fourth we need to stomp on their throats and put some nails in their coffins. The past several weeks the Colts have overcame deficits and really close games. If the game is close the Titans need to finish.
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  10. Msut10

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    I agree with all the above but i have a feeling to win this one we are going to need some contributions like last week from Hawkins and Cook. They saved us just about as much as britt on that last drive!
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