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    Kevin Dodd thus far has been a non factor. This is a fact. The question why is more difficult to pinpoint. I started breaking down some videos of him and also started to look up his college combine comparables and it hit me.

    Kevin Dodd is playing out of position. There I said it. His measurables and body type is not of an outside linebacker but that of a 3-4 defensive end. If you compare his measurables to those of the top 3-4 DL drafted in the last several years he matches up very similarly. The problem is that we already have Jurrell Casey, DaQuan Jones, and another disappointment in Austin Johnson at that position. I believe that Kevin was drafted to replace DaQuan eventually but was athletic enough to play at OLB for a couple of years and would eventually slide inside to DE. I think DaQuan’s play along with Kevin’s injuries changed things.

    This year is the make or break year for Dodd. I can see Vrabel moving him around and using him inside more in training camp and preseason. If he balls out then he has a chance to redeem himself. If not then he plays out his rookie contract and is gone when it expires. I see talent in him and as long as that foot is healed up properly and he is moved to DE he has the potential to impress.

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    Ive only been saying this since we drafted him he shouldn't play stand-up LB
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  3. Fry

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    Yeah, I thought we all knew this like two years ago. The only people who didn't/can't see it are the people inside the organization.

    He's also just not very good. I think there's a decent chance he doesn't make the final roster. Dude was a healthy scratch a good portion of last year.

    He has a clean slate right now though.
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  4. CalgaryTitansFan

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    To be fair, the previous scrub coaching staff didn't know what they were doing. Sure there was DLB, but he was 80.

    If there was ever a coach that could get something worthwhile out of Dodd, it's Vrable IMO. Not saying he will, Dodd could very well get cut before the regular season. I think he'll stick around as rotational depth though, considering both starters finish their contracts after this year.
  5. Fry

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    I thought I read Vrabel said he sees Dodd as an OLB. I could be wrong. Either way, any kind of production we get from Dodd should be seen as a nice bonus and not something we should anticipate.
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  6. sirjesse

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    There still must be something to him if JRob is keeping him around. But I got to imagine the leash is at the end.
  7. Jwill1919

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    I think it's disingeniuous at best to think that Vrabel is even half as good of a coach than the Great Dick LeBeau.

    Be real for a minute man, just because you may have hated the previous coaching staff doesn't mean you can discount all the great things and accomplishments that LeBeau has had.

    Dodd isn't athletic enough to play OLB, but he isn't strong and tough enough to play inside or 3-4 DE. He's just a bad fit for 3-4. He's a proto 4-3 LDE, just there to stand up the right tackle, provide zero rush and play the run.
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    hes cheap

    thats literally his only plus
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  9. Fry

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    The good news for Dodd is our depth at OLB is terrible. Obviously Landry is going to make the team, but he's a total unknown. Then you have Carraway and Aaron Wallace.

    Maybe Evans factors in some outside as well.

    I'd like to bring Erik Walden back, just as a known quantity.
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  10. Deuce Wayne


    Dodd > Evans.
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