Kevin Byard

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    I loved the pick when we drafted him. Hometown hero. Love this kid
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    Just before the Browns game I said he was underachieving :disbelief:

    Maybe that game was what he needed, because he has been everywhere.
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    I remember seeing him in an interview after the draft and his knowledge of the game seemed incredible for a rookie. That along with him being completely overlooked and him being from mtsu all made for a perfect situation. He also mentioned he wore number 20 in college because ed reed and Brian Dawkins were his idols. I know it's still early, but I think we may have the next one of those guys. He's only getting better, and his ability to play corner and guard tight ends just makes him that much better.

    BTW, how bout adoree on the first play from scrimmage? Boys got too much talent. JR is proving over and over he's one of the best talent evaluating GM's in the game.
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    Adoree now.... I'm a little iffy on him still. He has some good plays but not consistent on his coverage. He gets beat deep and I don't know how. One of those picks yesterday that Ryan tipped up, was a deep catch on Adoree if Ryan hadn't been there. I know he's young, so I'm hoping that all changes. To be a smaller corner like that, you have to be consistent to prove a point not to sling em your way. I don't believe has done that enough with the deep balls. 20 or less yards tho, he's all on it.
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    There's been decent improvement from week 1 to week 9, his head seems to be alright.
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    Ryan was an absolutely stud on that play. Read the play, came off his receiver to help, and laid a perfect hit to jar the ball loose.

    In Adoree's defense on that play, corners will play their defenders different based on if they have safety help or not. He did have help from Byard - as best I can remember - and was playing underneath the receiver. The best way to blanket a receiver who's bigger than you isn't to just have a guy try to stay right on his hip (especially if it's a big WR), it's to bracket him with a CB playing underneath him and a safety over the top. That coverage forces a QB to make a perfect through into coverage; it's why Marcus threw his INT.

    I thought Adoree has showed so much improvement through the season. He's still a rookie, but he's getting in better position and getting so much valuable experience. I have to say that I'm very impressed with the coaches for throwing him out there, believing in him, allowing him to fail without yanking him, and letting him learn!

    Our secondary is really starting to show up - now if we only could find a pass rush to help them out even more.
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    He already did

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    you were wrong
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    Agree. This secondary is coming around. There's not as many big plays and the young guys(Sims, Jackson, and Byard) are getting better every week.
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    Finally another impact player to go along with Casey . ....

    We still need a few more.
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