"Kerry is our starter; Kerry is not the problem"

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by pettso, Oct 12, 2009.

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    Too bad there aren't any QBs worth a top 10 pick this year. Bradford is a China Doll playing for the USC of the Big12. Put any Texas Tech Qb on that team and they would Heisman Trophies every year. Hit him and he breaks like glass. Tebow is, well Tebow, think VY but white, left-handed and plays in the biggest gimmick offense in the history of the NCAA. Colt McCoy is solid, but plays out of the spread which means we know nothing about him.

    I wonder if we could trade out of the top 5, take DT Cody from Alabama and still get a QB in the top 20. That would be Ideal.
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    Usually the second string QB (especially the inexperianced QB's) are on the sidlines next to the cordinators and assitants asking questions and going over plays , being involved in the game his teamates are playing on the field. Vince Young looks like he could care less about whats happening on the field or about the game his teamates are playing in. He rather sit on the sideline eating sunflower seeds with his hood pulled way over his head poutting by himself. Im not evaluating his performance on the sideline im evaluating his performance as a leader on the team and a team mate in general. The reasons I gave above are the reasons that despite a 0-5 record and a pretty less then stellar 5 games from collins not 1 team mate in the The Titans locker room thinks Vince Young should be the starting QB over collins and is the reason the Titans will be looking for a new starting QB come next year
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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