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    Eh, this almost would be a fair comparison but the thing is Britt tore his ACL and MCL. Really can't compare it to someone who only tore their ACL. Britt injury is definitely harder to come back from.
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    Absolutely false. The MCL has nothing to do with his ACL, if you reconstruct one, you might as well do all three and it doesn't push your rehab timetable back one day. Do any amount of research you want, was it a different injury? Yes. Does the MCL affect how his ACL recovery will be or the fact he needed a cleanup procedure ON THE ACL? NO! Is he behind schedule? Yes

    I work in Sports Medicine dude, I see this every day. This sounds just like another case of a patient who waited too long to get down to business on a repaired ACL and is now constantly fighting to break down scar tissue and muscle atropy.
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    I guess Morgan was just as lazy as Britt then. He wasn't 100% ready when the season started either.
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    Morgan never had a setback or was considered behind schedule, he just had a stitch pop out that was giving him some discomfort. He was going through workouts and training camp. Britt hasn't even done Steps or Box jumps 9 months after his surgery! I'll say this one last time.......


    Hell, everyone knows that an Achilles injury is much more devastating than an ACL/MCL. Mouton has been cleared over a month ago to go FULL SPEED, contact and all and he had his surgery on his Achilles less than 40 days before Britt's surgery. This just may be another case of the Titans WR curse.
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    Morgan tore his ACL earlier in the year, and started running later than Britt....Yet he wasn't behind schedule and Britt is? Lol I'm going to follow your word strongly for sure!
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    Nobody can possibly tell if Britt is on, ahead of, or behind schedule unless they are the ones watching him work out every single day. You can't possibly take a couple of snippets of info they let the fans get and come to some sort of grand conclusion of where he is in his rehab process just because you are "in sports medicine" ... if anything someone in sports medicine should know that.

    Truth is, we really have no idea how the trainers are wanting KB to handle his rehab. Maybe he would be running/jumping/cutting if the trainers had pushed him too, but maybe they are being careful with him (he is very valuable to the team, and an unwarranted setback might cost someone thier job). They are watching him very closely, and according to them he is ontrack. I think I will stick with the word of the people close to the situation.
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    Jwill get over yourself... just because you dont like britt doesn't mean you have to shoot him down..
    apparently he was supposed to be running this week but ran last week... which isn't bad.. I think he'll come in on a couple of downs near the end of the preseason and go at it against the pats...
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    Where did I ever say I didn't like Britt? So if I was an Orthopaedic surgeon and told you that a guy at 9 months recovery of an ACL isn't even doing box jumps or stairs is considerably behind schedule, what then would you say?

    That is what 3 Drs in my Orthopaedic group told me last week, just FYI. He should have been doing this all at 5 months worse case scenario.

    I'm not looking for an I told you so, I just wish some of you guys would stop seeing things through rose-colored glasses and actually visit reality so that you're not all disappointed because Britt is invisible come the season. I'm thinking at this point, the coaching staff should wisely consider PUP-ing him just so he doesn't reinjure himself because he's obviously nowhere near healthy.

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    Are you sure you know knees?

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    Again, think about what you write before you actually scribble this crap. Morgan tore his ACL October 4th, Britt tore his Sept. 23rd. Kenny is at 9 and a half months recovery.

    Titans DE Derrick Morgan (torn ACL) suggested Friday that he's gained clearance for all football related activities.
    To be precise, Morgan tweeted that Dr. James Andrews gave him permission to "ball out." Less than 10 months removed from surgery, Morgan is a candidate to start the season slow. He'll compete for snaps at right defensive end in camp.
    Source: Nashville Tennessean

    So Morgan was cleared fully to resume full contact all football drills at less than 10 months. I'm not making this stuff up, it's actually easy to find. I deal with physical therapists all day with my patients, I don't understand why you guys think I'm hating or just out to get Kenny? I ask them, how's such and such doing? Is he/she ahead or behind? What should they be able to do at this stage? What are they able to do?