Kenny Britt has fractured rib

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    less of a risk for a yellow flag when we have a good play... keep him off for now
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    I wouldn't be surprised if he actually did fracture a rib when he fell....he is Kenny Brittle after all
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    His performance in practices has been sporadic, his performance in games terrible! His attitude is right there with his game time performances, he is not a team player!

    His only card to play is the "MYSTERIOUS" unconfirmed injury????

    Titans: time to throw in the towel on Britt!!!
    Bring on the BALL HUNTER!!!!!!
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    If you rewatch the game when Britt gets called for illegal block in back in the catch by wright, read munch lips . He says get his arse off the field. No good for Britt. However, Britt controls if he gets to play. He can try harder and do better. It's all on him. Personally I has rather see hunter but Britt can fix all this crap. Do what you are supposed to do.
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    Anytime Britt is on the field there is a chance of penalty.Before its over with he is going to get penalized on a big scoring play and cost the team a game.Why not go ahead and get Hunter acquainted with the offense after all he is perfect size to go up and grab the high passes Locker throws.Time for Britt to sit.
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    You're awesome for bringing up Space Jam. hf

    JCBRAVE was wrong about Parmele too.
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    Britt has a poor attitude, as proven by his tweets, his performance in practices and in games.
    Now he's creating an excuse for himself with an unproved injury

    A good WR core like ours needs a strong personality at the #1 spot, showing the younger guys not only how to handle the game on field, but off field as well! It isn't all about physical ability!

    Nate is a proven vet and leader...

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    Oh this is funny, they're having Britt grimace during practice. And get this, they actually have a trainer come up to him and pretend to check on him. Hilarious!
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    Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt did limited work in practice on Thursday, but his status for Sunday’s game against the New York Jets remains up in the air.

    Britt, who suffered a fractured rib last Sunday, was grimacing during some portions of the Titans’ individual drills on Thursday. He was also wearing a wrap around the ribs – one that featured an electrical stimulating device – in the locker room following practice.

    Titans coach Mike Munchak said Britt’s status for Sunday may well be determined on how much he can do during Friday’s practice.

    “It depends on how tomorrow goes,” Munchak said of Britt, who’s been limited to five catches this season. “If he’s out here running around and feeling great, it’s a different dialogue. We want him (to play), no about it. He’s a guy we think can help us win football games.”

    Those not practicing for the Titans on Thursday were linebacker Patrick Bailey (hamstring), running back Shonn Greene (knee), defensive tackle Sammie Hill (ankle), tight end Delanie Walker (toe) and linebacker Moise Fokou (neck).

    Munchak said he’s hopeful that Walker, Bailey and Fokou will practice on Friday.

    Those limited on Thursday, in addition to Britt, were tackle David Stewart (calf) and cornerback Blidi Wreh-Wilson.

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