Kendall Wrights YPC

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansWillWin2, Oct 2, 2013.

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    Hey, 1st down is 1st down.
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  2. Titans2004

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    I agree. We really seemed to go after Walls much more than Cromartie against the Jets. Find the weak link and then keep attacking it.

    Wright was never expected to be Randy Moss or Calvin Johnson. He is a small guy who can run precise routes, with sure hands, and some wiggle after the catch.

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    Speaking of Kendal Wright and 1st downs.

    Did you know as a rookie he had more 1st downs than Julio Jones, Demaryius Thomas, Brandon Marshall, and a hundred others as rookies...?

    WR's dont usually come in and dominate like other 1st rounders, give the kid time to grow TWW2, he's only getting better.
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  4. titan_fan_4ever

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    I really don't care about YPC too much..

    Last year, I'da told you he looked a bit slow. After he lost that weight, he actually looks much faster and quicker. I remember several catches that should have gone for maybe 1-3 yards that he turned into nice 5-10 yard gains.

    Bubble passes and screens are on the OL/WR/TE blocking as much as they are on the receiver making the catch. Now, he's also giving time for blocks to develop instead of just running like he was last year. Guys, please give the OL time to gell, you'll see short passes and the run game improve drastically when they get it together (and when Rob is thrown out).

    As for Wright, someone said something about 1st downs. That's much more important than YPC. He has a knack for getting them when his number is called and that is far more crucial than some obscure number effected by so many external factors....

    In the end, the most important test is the that of my (your) 'eyes' and to me he looks much better than he did last year.
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  5. Titans Eternal

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    0:34-0:42 = loooooool. KW trolled the piss out of them.

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    You see at the 00:53 mark, Reynaud out wide as a WR LOL, he sucks so much
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    Well, first of all, Titans aren't using him the way Baylor did. He was a deep threat. He out ran a lot of defenders with his fade route. He was a deep threat type of player and Titans are using him as the underneath, short routes. Main reason why is because he is one of the best at making people miss. However, some of his bubble routes get shut down quickly which drops his YPC. They hardly throw it deep to Wright but I think they should a bit more.

    This guy has great feet work, he can turn a corner at anytime. He kills most DBs on his out routes in man coverage. He is the type of guy that will get you your first down. I do think we need to utilize his speed a bit more with go routes when its on one on.

    Wright has a bright future, he can definitely be a player that can catch 100 balls and give you 1st downs after 1st downs. Definitely fun to watch him and see his quick feet and agility making people miss.
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    Still better than Kenny Britt.

    Hey, you know who else has more yards than Kenny Britt? Damian Williams....
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    Damian is my guy, best No.4 around

    I wish he'd get more PT
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