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    First round pick.... 1st round. Not #1
  2. Thaddeus43

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    I really like Kendall, and I think we see a lot of improvement in his game this year. WR is a position that is hard to contribute a lot as a rookie, but Kendall came in and contributed right away. So I think we see a vast improvement going into year 2.
    I think Kendall will be in the mold of Dmase ... A lot better player than the media ever gives him credit for, but as long as us Titan fans know it then who cares. This is a guy that I can see having around ~100 catches and ~1000 for us (maybe not this year, but within the next couple years) on a consistent basis, but get overlooked by the media and not go to a ton of pro-bowls because he isn't 'elite'. But he will be a vital part of our offense (ala welker, Mason, etc.)
    I just hope KB gets his head on straight and Hunter can also become that 'elite' WR that people seem to think he can be ... that would just be a scary combination of WRs.
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    Honestly, there should be ZERO hate for Kendall. He was second overall of rookie receivers; behind only Justin Blackmon. And he did it all with a sub par QB, and an awfull O line. He will out do Blackmon this year too (count on it) partially because Blackmon won't be on the field for 4 games. Kendall is for real.
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  4. JR1980

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    I agree. If Hunter pans out, can you imagine a healthy and focused KB, with Wright and Hunter?!!! Mismatch issues for defenses right there. I am really excited to see the Titans play this year.
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    I don't get the Kendall hate at all. Most consistent WR we've had in a while and he was a rookie. Best rookie wideout in the league last year while being on a bad offense. In a more consistent, coherent offense he'll be better.

    Like a lot of other posters have said, I don't know if I see greatness in his future, but a guy who can get you 800-950 yards a season and 5-8 touchdowns? I'll take that.
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    This is accurate. But you didn't say for the Titans!

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    I see Wright in the slot this year with Hunter starting out wide with Britt. Locker is going to need a guy to check down/safety guy and I think that's going to be Wright. He'll probably lead the team in receptions this year. Nate's numbers will probably take a big dip, Hunter is going to be our deep threat which means he'll either have a great game or be almost non existent on the stat sheet, and Britt gets everything else. Walker will snag his far share and everyone else fights for scraps.
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    Don't get the Kendall hate either he was very solid in his rookie year.I predict he will be a solid receiver here for many years.Only this time around i hope we don't do him like we did Mason and trade/cut him just because he has a contract due.Mason played six or seven more years after he left us.

    Now that i think about it thats the only thing i don't really like about the brass here because they always let someone go than pay them.Derrick Mason and Cortland Finnegan are two examples.

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    Wrights average is lower than many would like, but considering he was our run game for several weeks it explains the low average per catch. Even with all that he still led rookies in catches so all in all a solid rookie season.
  10. Ensconatus

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    Splitting hairs.
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