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    Very interesting. In response to hearing rumors about the Titans possibly being interested in a WR in the 1st I decided to do some research. Outside of Blackmon the only other prospect I would be interested in in the first is Kendall Wright.

    If the report is true, sounds like a probowl bound WR. I know there are concerns about his numbers being inflated but his combine and pro day performances support his production. He doesnt look like a big risk, in fact, he looks like a stud. The article compares him to Steve Smith and it doesnt look far off.

    We could use him. Personally I think he is more talented and valueable than any of our other recievers with a chance to be more special than Britt.
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    I love Wright he would be my third rated WR after Blackmon and Floyd. Steve Smith is the perfect comparison I don't know about more special than Britt but that depends on how Kenny heals from a major injury but still special yes and a huge problem for defense with him Kenny, Nate, Cook, Damian, and Lavelle.

    Also has some return value which means later to Mariani and him or Campbell take over.
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    Right, return value as well although I dont think we go that route unless absolutely necassary. We will have much invested in him if we take him @ 20. Too much to risk on kick returns I think.

    I made the statement about Britt because of injury concerns. Without injuries I think Britt is a top 10 WR. I made the comparison because I could easily see him becoming a top 10 WR as well.

    I like him over Floyd because of character concerns moreso with Floyd.

    Im glad there was someone with an eye for WR out there. I thought I was going to get bashed for this post.
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    I like Wright and if he's the highest ranked player on the board then I'd be happy with the pick.

    The only negative is, due to his height, I kinda see him as a slot receiver. I'd rather have a big receiver like Hill and move Washington to the slot, were he should actually be starting.

    Britt---Washington---Hill > Britt---Wright---Washington
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    2 words: Alshon Jeffery..
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    In all seriousness though, I don't think there's any doubt Wright is the second best WR in this draft behind Blackmon.

    HOWEVER, I remember a report last year saying the Titans were trying to decide between taking Fairley or Dalton at 8, so I'll believe it when I see it.
  7. Two Kings

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    So maybe the draft looks like this:

    1. Wright WR
    2. Worthy/Reyes/Brandon Thompson/Mike Martin DT
    3. Blake/Molk C
    4. Jake Bequette/Other DE
    5. CB/Trade for Samuel
    6. Duke Ihenacho SS
    7. OLB

    But I think we could still get a good Wr in the 4th and possibly get a good DE in the first
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    The problem with Hill is see, hes not good. There are tons of starting sub 6' WR's. Steve Smith and Desean Jackson instantly come to mind.
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    Two more words: is terrible
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    I could live with a draft like that