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  1. I am a member of and I said the same thing about Coach Fulmer when he lost the team and his talent level kept sliding as far as development goes. We are missing that slap-nose, hard-hitting, throat-cutting, I want to eat your kids mentality on this team. Coach Fisher has become the clapper just like Coach Fulmer did during 2001-2005, and he has lost his team. Norm Chow has not lived up to the hype either. It just shows that some people are made famous by great players and not great coaching. If any team would have had Leinhart, Bush, and White they would have dominated. So Norm, go back to Sunny California or somewhere else and leave the NFL playcalling to people who know the pros. I may eat my words, and if I do then so be it, but the Titans have got to fire Floyd Reese and Fisher and start rebuiding from there. Why?? Well for one thing the team of the late 90's thru 03' were drafted, traded, and signed to make the team around McNair and no one else. The team we have now is still built around him, including the coaches and general management. We have to dismantle the entire engine to get the engine to tuned and running the way it needs to be.
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    Fisher rocks!

    One can see this is obviously an extrememly well coached team.

    A defensive front 7 that includes KVB-haynesworth-bulluck-robaire smith-thornton-starks got run over by a mediocre dallas run offense. Last year the cowboys were 28th in yards per rushing attempt and jones had just one 100 yard game.

    But against a defense coached by fisher-schwartz they have a field day with 217 yards on the ground for a 5.3 average.

    Fisher sucks!
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    I take it you didn't buy a t shirt then


    You obviously want fisher (and schwartziepoo) gone...who do we go after?
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    I'm betting this site sells about the same amount of T-shirts as the other one.
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    you can throw some of it on Fisher. I am sure he gets his say on who he wants. sometimes he will get them other times he won't. Of course Fisher wanted KC :moon2: and you see what that got us
  8. That's quite a good point actually...but we shouldn't fire Fisher a quarter of the way through the season...
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    Maybe the Cowboy fans saw their new coach for next year, today.
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