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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by maximus, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. TNThunder

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    Time of Posses 44:22 15:38

    When this happens your defense just gets worn out. We were 0-8 on 3rd down conversions today. At one time the defense faced 33 straight plays. You can only ask so much of them.
  2. I love how people complain about Schwartz when the defense struggles yet they give him zero credit when they play well. Take the blinders off people...
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  4. avvie

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    Star, we're STILL #29 overall defense.
  5. SupDawg

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    There are a lot of people who give him some credit. With that being said, everyone deserves at least some credit whether they are running an NFL defense, a lemonade stand, or even master minding a robbery. We can debate semantics all day, but at the end of this very long day he must be fired. Sure, I am sure some people's decision has been swayed since September, but our dismay at his job performance should be judged on his whole body of work. Not just a 5 game winning streak that has very little to do with his performance as a coach, IMO. :)

    Go Titans! :yes:
  6. PitBull

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    Did we win because our defense played so well and dominated their offense, and were able to stop the Jags all day; causing them to punt over and over again?

    Did we win because of Schwartz's masterplan to hurry Garrard so much to a point that we was forced to throw the 3 interceptions?

    Unless you can answer those 2 questions with 'yes', why give Schwartz credit for this win?
  7. Smash

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    Well, we were chasing DG all day, but failing to sack him like 42 times. He had to scramble around, due to great coverage downfield. Some of their "big plays" came after Gerrard had run a few miles behind LOS.

    His 4 man pressure, rest in coverage worked, the front 4 just didn't make the play when they had the chance.
  8. Vigsted

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    When that happens be sure to let us know....

    The defence as a unit didn't play well, however the players on defensive individually made great plays.
    Seriously, SK, you can't sit there and pretend Schwartz should get any credit for the INTs or the fumble return? Exactly what did he do to make that happen? Better yet, what did he do that he hasn't done in all the other games? Nothing! This was the same old "Bend over and take it" defence from Schwartz, luckily individual plays changed the outcome to a win.
  9. Vigsted

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    Of course knowing that Garrard is a capable scramble should probably have been factored into the gameplan, but it looked like it hadnt'. More great coaching. Or how about the draw play on 3rd and long, where Schwartz is in a 3 down linemen prevent defence? As Smash can probably attest to, the Danish announcers said Jax had run that play over and over against the Colts, yet it caught us by surprise??
  10. titansfan9

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    I have said we need to keep for about 2 months...
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