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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by crypta333, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Ten_Titans

    Ten_Titans Pro Bowler

    Hunter could never catch a ball this season, but he will stretch the field while he is in.

    He might be Gain soft right now, but 1-on-1, there is not a corner in this league he can't catch the ball over.

    Just stick him out wide and tell him to go deep every play.

    I'm sure he can do that just as effectively as Moss did in 2010.
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  2. SawdustMan

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    I don't buy into any of the rationale/excuses behind not dressing Hunter. The guy was pretty much a 1st round pick. You need to dress him. I mean, how often do you see picks that high being flat out inactive, barring injury or discipline?

    The guy needs real deal game experience. And the sooner the better. I'm not saying you gotta hand him a starting job or anything. But he needs to be suited up and getting some snaps. My two cents anyway.
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  3. The Hammer

    The Hammer Problematic AF

    In the WR depth chart alone Hunter is higher and better. That is for sure. However, Preston is more likely to dress. WR is a position coaches rely on to provide ST players. It is hard to have a 5th WR dress if he cannot contribute on ST.
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  4. Titans2004

    Titans2004 Pro Bowler

    Just because a guy is drafted high doesn't mean that he has to be active right away if he is not better than the guys in front of him. You have to field the team that you think gives you the best chance to win. Battle will never be a healthy scratch this year. He contributes and STs and has proven he can get the job done when called upon.

    I want to see Hunter and think that with our running game more than likely demanding 8 in the box that having Britt and Hunter as our 2 outside guys both running go routes would give Locker a very easy one on one read for the deep ball. I like our chances with either Britt or Hunter in a one on one jump ball situation.

    As TJ said, Hunter's chance will come if Williams can't go.
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  5. The Hammer

    The Hammer Problematic AF

    Exactly. In 1998 the team took WR Kevin Dyson in the middle of the first round. He was the second best receiver in the draft and was the first receiver taken. And Dyson did not dress until week 4 of his rookie season. Even still he only played sparingly that year finishing with just 21 catches.
  6. Ensconatus

    Ensconatus #ShoutboxAlley4Life

    Hunter isn't active because we have a ridiculous WR corp people. I don't care if he was a second round pick, he wasn't drafted to really do much this season. You can slice THAT part up as much as you want. Was it smart? What's the IQ of Munch and Co.? What kinda jibber jabber rational did we use? Can the kid even play?

    I honestly believe Preston and Hunter can both ball.

    My two cents? They can't run the back routes as well as Nate and Britt. Ba dum tsh.
  7. The Hammer

    The Hammer Problematic AF

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  8. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    A few things...

    Hunter wasn't drafted to 'play' this year, he was drafted because he has a lot of talent. Probably 2nd and 3rd to that are that he gives us insurance in case Britt goes down (again) and is likely Britt's replacement next year. I think the Titans are kind of done with Britt's off the field stuff.

    Additionally, we are VERY deep at WR and until someone gets hurt, it's less likely that Hunter will be active unless they want him for a jump ball fade in the red zone cuz a team we're playing has small cb's. Hunter didn't go in the first round because he is raw. Speed, size and great jumping ability? YES! Great route runner with an expert understanding of our offense? Maybe not yet. I fully understand the desire to activate him so he can run Go routes all day and give us another jump ball WR in the red zone, but Preston provides that as well and outplayed him in pre-season. Neither is a bad addition.

    As far as having 4rb's active, think of it as 3 rb's active and Rey is our returner. And we NEED our 3 rb's active. I think the issue is 2 other things. First, we carry 3 TE's and a FB because we use them a lot more...especially wince we run a full house backfield which means 3 of those guys are on the field a decent amount. Since Walker is a good receiver, we can just as easily go 3wr with Walker and CJ. So would we benefit more with Walker or Hunter/Preston on 3rd and long. You could argue the WR, but Walker isn't exactly mediocre. And the difference if any, isn't enough to take battle or Greene out of the lineup.

    Get used to it as I think we may carry 4 WR's a lot of the time. Might bump it to 5 if we find we aren't using some of the extra players on D, special teams, etc.

    And BTW, one of the misunderstandings people have of seeing a high powered offense and thinking we can't compete is the number of plays. When you can run the ball and run it a lot, you hold TOP and give the other team fewer chances (less possessions). So maybe the Pats are used to scoring 28 points running 100 plays a game. If we limit them to 50-60 plays, it's easy to see we are less likely to have to score 30 points to beat them.

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  9. Ensconatus

    Ensconatus #ShoutboxAlley4Life

    Time of possession creates issues in Low variance vs High variance offenses.

    Imagine it like this, if the team is like the Pats and wants to run 80 plays a game, the idea is if they run more plays, they have a bigger % of hitting on some of the bigger plays JUST because they do it more often. Now if you handicap the team and minimize the amount of times they can TRY that, then it really a screws up their game. They don't really care about going three and out a few times.

    On the flip side, low variance... Like us, want to run the ball, and keep it as long as we can to gain a time advantage. However, since its built to be a slow moving train, it can't get into a firefight with another team. If we go three and out, it REALLY hurts us.
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  10. pepsidriver24

    pepsidriver24 @snydzie

    WRs just aren't that effective as rookies. It's not like most other positions. This was definitely an insurance pick and it will pay off.

    I agree with the matchup based comments. Steelers D = maximize line players and defense. Scratch WR5 in a game like that so you can have more depth elsewhere.

    Battle just won't be scratched after that week 1 performance. He must be available. I really wish we didn't waste a roster spot on Reynaud though. There are other options that wouldn't cost a roster spot. It's not like we should be worried about inexperience, Reynaud always looks like a rookie out there.
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