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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by cdubbs2121, Feb 25, 2013.

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    Gregg Williams will be our next HC sadly. We always hire within
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    "Could" lead us to 2-14, 1-15, 3-13 but we will know Munch was not the guy. Three years without a playoff berth from one coach to another is the same no matter the cumulative record, especially when those records are sub .500. So in essence if that did happen, it would be the same as keeping Munch around for another three years....nothing would have changed. 2-14 is no different than 6-10, the outcome at the end of the year is the same.

    And for someone so concerned about optimism, could you please be more optimistic about our future new HC?
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  3. Alex1939

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    Except of course Munch was 9-7 in his first year. I know you like to conveniently forget that fact.

    If the whiners would name names then I could be. Of course there are names I wouldn't like including 6 to 7 of the new coaching hires this past offseason.

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    Good, cause I was really concerned we might suck with the next guy.

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    Here's a nice way to look at Munchak as head coach going into 2013. Think about how many times a chef messes up a recipe before it makes it on the menu. Or how many motors a mechanic ruins before opening up his own shop.... Coaches say practices are like games, but theyre not, there's only one way to get coaching experience and it's on game days. 32 games in and we're at 15-17. Bill Belichick his first go at head coaching went 36-44, Mike Shanahan went 8-12. Point is, had those teams held onto their coaches a little longer, they may have won it all.

    Not saying Munchak is either of those two guys, but hey, I've watched them goof things up similar to Munchak in 2012.

    You've got to admit, not like Munch has an all-star cast of players to work with, and Bud Adams identified that and got rid of the guy in charge in Mike Reindfeldt.

    Take Jeff Fisher for example, he had 4 full seasons under his belt before he made the playoffs. Everything it took to get all those .500 seasons certainly set him up to make us a 13-3 team from 1999-2000.

    I wonder how much of Bill Belichick's success steamed from figuring things out in Cleveland....

    Not everyone gets to be Mike Tomlin or John Harbaugh and inherit winning teams.

    I am not a Munchak fan anymore, but I will stand by and watch things unfold. 2012 was miserable, if you don't think things were learned from that, you weren't watching.
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    I also think it's ridiculous but I probably should just say this for the record before everyone labels incorrectly....

    The best thing I've said about Munch is "one more year, playoffs or bust"

    the ideas that "things can't get worse" or "everything will be great once munch is gone" irk me since neither of those statements are accurate.

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    Anybody who practices something whether it's medicine or woodworking knows you get better at what you do the more time you spend doing it.

    It's entirely possible Mike Munchak discovers how to coach an NFL team this coming season.

    I for one have many ways of doing the same things, in fact some of the things I do well took me screwing them up 3 or 4 times before figuring it out.

    The first steak I ever grilled came out raw, looked good, but the inside was all red. Second one was a little better. By my 5th steak I had my wife pimping me out for cookouts. Same with making a coffee table. First one was alright (much like Mikes 1st year), 2nd one had some flaws, and the 3rd one ended up in our house on display.

    Maybe in Munch's 3rd or 4th attempt he gets it right.
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    Steaks are supposed to be red.
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    A little sure
  10. cdubbs2121

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    Then be irked. No where in originally post does it says things wont get worse. Hopefully and realistically since we've been "rebuilding" for what 7 years now? We can see some results. Munch sucks you guys suddenly defending him like to play devils advocate on every opinion.
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