Just Lose, Baby

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Would you prefer the Titans lose out to possibly get a higher draft pick?

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  1. Yes. Wins mean nothing now. I want the higher pick.

  2. No. You play to win the game.

  3. I'm indifferent. I barely care enough to answer this poll.

  1. Alex1939

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    Let's keep in mind we have been bit by the injury bug this year with Locker and along the O-line and McCarthy and all of those injuries have significantly contributed to how this season has played out.

    Special Teams: Bironis and Kern are good. Reynaud (outside of the dumb fair catch at the 5 yard line) has been a serviceable returner.

    Offense: Locker looks pretty good but obviously the jury is still out. Regardless, not done giving him chances yet.

    CJ has grown on me considerably as the year has gone on. He CANNOT and must learn not to dance around too much causing big losses. BUT he is catching the ball better and I think that will make him a dangerous weapon for the future.

    I am a believer in both Nate Washington and Kendall Wright. I think they are very capable receivers for us moving forward. It would be nice to have one bigger guy and Britt will be that at least for one more year but I'm not a Britt believer- too inconsistent.

    I want to believe Stewart and Roos will return to dominant tackle form. Hutch is serviceable.

    I don't think having a Gronkowski is a necessity for this offense. Any serviceable free agent can do.

    Needs/Upgrades: 1 interior lineman as a mid draft pick or high signing free agent. Bruiser/Fatty RB for change of pace that can guarantee 2 yards when you need them - cheap either a late round pick or 1 year free agent contract. TE either what we got or a very late round pick or a 1 year free agent contract on someone serviceable.

    TL/DR recap: Locker- CJ- Nate- Kendall- Roos- Stewart.

    Defense: Keep in mind we have a lot of young players and they can improve.

    Along the D-line, for better or worse we will have Wimbley and Mike Martin for awhile and I think both are serviceable starters or rotation players. We have some other ok players along the line but no game changers.

    At linebacker, so far I'm impressed by Brown and Ayers. I choose to believe they can be assets for many years to come. I'm down on McCarthy since he got trucked by Blackmon and is oft injured.

    The Secondary is a mess. Fortunately, the secondary can magically look better if the D-line improves.

    Needs/Upgrades: The true need is a couple game changing D-linemen. If we had someone that had 3/4 of good a season as Fat Al did in his best year, that would drastically change this defense. We really need DT,DE, MLB, CB, S, S. Target DE, DT with early draft picks and high dollar free agents.

    TL/DR recap: A couple game changing D-line would drastically improve this defense across the board.

    The overall TL/DR recap for the whole team: Build around Locker-CJ-Nate-Kendall-Roos-Stewart. Add 1 good interior lineman. Spend $ and high draft picks on D-line. If we hit the lottery on those D-line the entire D will be elevated. Key players on team must remain healthy.

    I think this can be done under Munch.
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  2. Big Time Titan

    Big Time Titan Big Time Titan

    Yes Alex you are right, I do agree. And having higher draft picks will help us even more. Just lose baby!
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  3. xpmar9x

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    Jarivs Jones, Mant'i Teo, and Star Loutetilitetlilililitetli all look darn good.

    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor

    What are we suppose to do with Jarvis Jones? He's too small to be a DE and we have 2 really good up incoming OLB's.
    His reaction time is also iffy, I'd be mad if he was our 1st pick. Yea he's good, just not for us.
  5. SlidePiece

    SlidePiece Starter

    But we all know it won't be done.
  6. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    My bad, didn't it read it correctly.. I thought he just was talking about in general not for the Titans.
  7. Alex1939

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    If it makes you feel good to root against the coach and players of the team you are a "fan" of then more power to you. I listed why I think it's possible. Time holds all the answers.
  8. Alzarius

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    I think now we have one of our starting OL going into the next game, and hes injured. THe rest are backups

    This offense will not be doing much and we will be picking top 10 easily imo.
  9. Riverman

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    First, the injury bug rarely effects a team whose front office has acquired sufficient talent and depth via wise cap use and draft. Fail and fail with our front office. The injury bug is just another excuse.

    Second, I'm really not that impressed with the core you've laid out and don't believe them to be on par with other successful franchise cores. We should be in better position than that. Granted we've had some 1st round disappointments on and off the field over the past 5-7 years and that bears some responsibility in this.

    Third, a higher draft pick only offers us more options. There is little negative effects to losing any games now. I don't like losing, but this franchise is mired down in the mud right now. I'd like to have the option to trade down like the Browns and Rams have done in the past with their high pick.
  10. SlidePiece

    SlidePiece Starter

    Those are all things that should have been done last year. What makes you think Munch is going to do anything about it this year, if he's still here? History tells me that very little of what you listed will happen.