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    I send out an email to some friends every week informing them why the Titans will lose. I have been doing it since the beginning of the season and so now my friends wait for it and say I have to continue or it might somehow jinx the Titans. Anyhow, here is this week's installment. FYI, I am a connoisseur of sarcasm.

    I must remember to mention specific players in my future prognostications, i.e. Justin Gage. By making specific mention of how outrageously sucky he's been he tried really, really hard and actually got some separation while running his route, and then against all odds actually caught the ball three times for very large gains. I must say I was flat-out astounded. Of course this just makes me more pissed at him for not doing that all along. I mean, obviously if he can catch passes one week he should be able to do it most of the time. I'm not saying he has to be perfect, he just has to catch more than he drops, which until yesterday had never come close to happening.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Jags message board after the game. I just skipped the thread for the first half and went right to the second half thread. Some of their comments made me giggle.

    I've already visited the Jets board and must say I agree with pretty much everything on there. I mean, it's obvious by our respective records that they're clearly the superior team as any team from NY is just better than everyone else, right? Their fans are not biased at all...maybe ignorant and mildly retarded, but certainly not biased. Favre can do no wrong and they're really excited about coming into Nashville and showing everyone how easy it is to beat the Titans. Funny, I believe 10 other teams thought that themselves until they found out different. Oh, well, I'm sure these Jets are really going to beat the pants off those Titans. After all, they just beat the Patriots for the first time in forever and who could blame them for flying high and enjoying their victory. I would like to point out that this is also the team that lost to the Oakland Raiders. Let's take a minute and really think about that. Granted, it was in overtime, but still, the Raiders??? They also got totally spanked by the Chargers and beat by the Patriots the first time they played them. I had to go double-check this to make sure I'm right, and of course I was, but the Raiders have only won 2 games...TWO. They also beat Kansas City. Wow, the really funny part of that is that the Jets barely beat Kansas City whereas the Raiders and the Titans both put the smackdown on them.

    But that's all in the past as they are now on a quest to be the best team in the AFC. And you know the saying, to be the best, you've got to beat the best. So since it's so obvious that the three-loss (1 to the Raiders..hehe) Jets are far superior to the undefeated Titans I'm sure we should all go out and bet our house payment for the Jets to continue their glorious journey to the playoffs where perhaps they can make it an all NY Super Bowl. Oh, it would be media heaven! The sportscasters would fall all over themselves drooling over Favre and Eli. I for one can hardly wait...until next Monday.
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    Jets will be tough. Their defense is playing really well and Favre still has some of that magic left. They have an offense that can move the ball...so we better bring our A game.
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