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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by fitantitans, Jan 9, 2013.

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    I listen to ESPN and others and I always hear, "He's the #1 WR", or "He's (the QBs) first look or first target". My question is, who is ours? I know coach Munch would come up with a name and so would the FO but, do we have a so-called #1 WR?
    Another thought and sorta off-the-wall but, what about getting rid of Gray and hiring Brian Billick for defensive coordinater? Did he not build the Ravens defense? He wears a Super Bowl ring. I'm not a big fan of Billick but, he might be someone to look at. If we let go of Gray, and I hope we do, what person, of any caliber, would take his job knowing that Munch most likely will not have a job this time next year? Tennessee hasn't offered job security in a long time.
    I'm thinking we draft a mid round RB. CJ has lost some speed and that was his focal point. I'm thinking Bamas Lacy type or another muscle-back stud. A human bowling ball with tree stump legs, ie; Earl Campbell.
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    No. Britt can be, but he's brittle and always in trouble. Those 2 games last season (before his injury), showed that he can be an elite receiver. I just don't think we'll ever see it.

    I doubt we'd get a high-profile name to play DC in Tennessee.

    I doubt Lacy comes out. He's got one more year of egibility at Bama. McCarron will be back for another year. That line will still be amazing. Defense will be good. They have a real shot of winning another title.
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