Jones Moving Closer to Return

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, Aug 3, 2006.

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  1. Sukrillux

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    There is also Grant Mattos, who was said to be doing good in OTAs while Givens was out. I also noticed something weird while I was on the Titans' site a minute ago. WR Jason Anderson has jersey #10 also. What's up with that? Granted, he may not make the final 53, but it is still odd.
  2. smili

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    FWIW - I wasn reading a fantasy analysis on ACL knee injuries for WR and RB and the conclusion was that unless the player has had 11+months since the injury to recover expect considerably dimineshed performance, and even with 11+ months they rarely are like themselves in the following year.

    Hoping we don't rush him out there too quick, especially since he's very unlikely to be himself this year anyhow.
  3. nendzone

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    Your first mistake is assuming titansonline stays accurate :) (They're not known for that)

    Jason Anderson is listed in a couple of different places, like and most importantly the daily roster sheets they hand out at camp, as #5.
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