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    Whats everyone's opinion on this guy? Seems to be the physical "in the box strong safety" the Titans like.

    I'm now torn between Shamarko Thomas and Cyprien in the 3rd. At this point, I still lean toward Thomas although his height may be an issue. Bob Sanders, I think, had height issues too though, and he played well. Troy Polumalu is only a couple inches taller too. I like strong safeties that move fast and hit hard.
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    I like him but D.J. Swearinger is probably my favorite mid round safety.
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    It's all about either Matt Elam or Phillip Thomas.

    Shamarko Thomas had a whopping career 2 int's and 7 PD's playing in the Big East(not to mention he's only 5'8) a prospect!!! I don't care if he's an in the box guy or not...that's horrible and in no way should he be ranked so high.

    I wouldn't be mad about Cyprien in the 3rd, even though I'm skeptical about his average production in a below average conference, but his game tape looks real nice.

    I still think it's all about either Matt Elam or Phillip Thomas...Their game tape shows that they are both great in coverage and they can both lay the hammer, and their stats set them apart from all the others by far.

    Phillip Thomas had a 8 ints, 13 PD's, 12 tfl, 4 sacks and 4 forced fumbles last season(Wow). I watched him in an interview and he was extremely articulate and seemed very intelligent. I also watched his game tape and noticed he has some serious hit power. Ever since I researched him all I can think of is how much he reminds me of one of the best safeties of our time: Troy Polomalu.

    It goes without saying why I like Matt Elam. He brings an energy to the field like few other players..He could end up being a true leader on our defense. He had a mindblowing 22 TFL, 4 sacks, 6 ints, 18 PD's and 3 FF's in his final two seasons at Florida playing against the best talent in college football.

    Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of the safeties this year. You got Cyprien, Reid, Rambo, Shawn Williams, TJ McDonald, and DJ Swearinger who will all probably be good pros, but I think if we get Elam or Phillip Thomas we are going to be getting a future all star that will be a game changer on our defense for a long time...

    Oh yeah, and Duke Williams and JJ Wilcox are just as overrated as Shamarko Thomas...drop these guys off your boards...

    Give me Phillip Thomas in the 3rd and Ray Ray Armstrong in the 7th.

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    Cyprien will be long gone in the 3rd and might be gone when we pick in the 2nd.