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    A guy from Alabama was visiting Tennessee. He walked into a place and told the woman who greeted him, "I want a Moon Pie and a RC cola."

    She said, "You must be from Alabama."

    "Wait a minute," the guy protested. "If I said I wanted spaghetti and wine, would you think I was from Italy?"


    "If I said I wanted weiner schnitzel and beer, would you think I was from Germany?"


    "If I said I wanted sushi and saki, would you think I was from Japan?"

    "Of course not," the woman replied.

    "Then why did you think I was from Alabama when I said I wanted a Moon Pie and a RC cola?"

    "Because this is a hardware store."
  2. TitanGuy

    TitanGuy Hey, Mama Rock Me...

    There are a White man, a black man, and a mexican walking through a desert and they were able to bring one thing with them on the trip.
    The white man asks the black man what he brought, and he said a gallon jug of water. The black man asks the white man what he brought, and he said a "bag of sandwhiches and chips.
    Then the white man and the Black man ask the mexican man what he is carrying in this big burlap sack he is dragging.
    The mexican man then opens up the sack and pulls out a car door.
    The white man then says "why did you bring a car door?"
    The mexican man replies "well now we can roll down the windows if it gets to hot.
  3. Why did the bicycle lie down?

    Becuase it was...................................two-tyred:rotfl: :lol2:

    oh LazyMan, you kid yourself too much:ha:
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