Johnson sees bigger runs ahead

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    TBH I think this is coming down to play calling. It's like they're scared to let Locker play which is making us very 1 dimensional. Of course constantly being pinned in the 10 yard line last week didn't help, but again that's because they wouldn't call a damn pas on first or second down. Let Locker play, if he makes mistakes, then we know what we have a move on. I was hoping Loggains would be different, but I'm still annoyed with the play calling.
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    What if the coaches realize what we have and that is why they aren't letting him throw as much and lose games for us? I support Locker and want to see him succeed, but I also believe that if we aren't opening things up, there is probably a good reason though.
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    The play calling thus far has definitely been frustrating. I was never confident in Loggains from the get-go. I was hoping to clean house at the coordinator level after last season. Although I can understand why Munch decided to stick with them. His job is very much on the line and installing brand new coordinators/systems would probably have done more bad than good, at least in the short term.

    I'm still not sure if the offensive playcalling has been so conservative A) because they don't believe in Locker, or B) because of the defenses we've faced so far, or C) because Loggains just flat out sucks.

    So on the bright side, we should at least be able to rule out option B by around 3:00 on Sunday. Because this is easily the worst defense we've faced. If we see more Fisherball... well, sorry guys. Unfortunately that's just our offense. We better pray our defense can play near perfect for 10-ish games.
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    Maybe, but I think it's in the best interests of the coaches to show the public that he does indeed suck, so we can start moving on from locker, and they can keep their jobs

    I still believe Locker can do it and that our coaches are just trying to save face. I would think most coordinators with a 8 point lead and the ball, with a defense stacking vs the run would be salivating. Our guys just are playing as conservative as possible.
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    Now you're reading too much into it. How many NFL starts does Locker have? 13? Not even a full season. 99% of all rookie starters turn the ball over...A LOT!!! Since we don't NEED to have him air it out 40 times a game, they are gonna be conservative with him unless we are down 21 points. It makes the most sense. However, there is a fine line between being conservative and being TOO conservative!

    If you're thinking we're being a bit too conservative, that's fine. But just because they are protecting Locker doesn't mean he sucks! As I said before, once he hits about 30-40 starts you will know exactly what he is, not in start 14.

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    I'm not saying you're wrong but here's the problem I have. You say it takes 30-40 starts before we'll know what he is. Well, tomorrow will be his 14th start. Let's say we don't make the playoffs, that'll put him at 27 starts by year's end (and that's assuming he actually stays healthy all season long).

    So by that standard we would still not know "what he is" entering year 4. That puts this organization is a really bad spot this offseason. Do we keep a QB who hasn't done much for a 4th year just because he hasn't hit some magic number of starts yet?

    Basically what I'm saying is I think your 30-40 starts rule is probably a good barometer in general. But with the way we've handled Jake, and his injuries, we don't really have that luxury. This staff (or the one that takes its place) is probably going to have to make a decision based on what he's shown through 3 years, regardless of how many starts he has.
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    I'm sure Gut wouldn't split hairs between 27 and 30 starts in this situation. This is Jake's last year as the unquestioned QB of this team. If Jake blows it and we draft a QB high next draft, Jake will be a back up by week 4.
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    CJ is picking the wrong holes. Sent you a PM