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    Britt is going to be our QB?
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    We reported Tuesday that the Titans were hiring John McNulty as quarterbacks coach. The team made it official today with a press release.

    Here are comments from coach Ken Whisenhunt and McNulty:

    “John is a coach that has worked for me before both with wide receivers and quarterbacks and I felt good about the job he did for me, but what I am really excited about was seeing him grow in this profession and seeing the job he did with the young quarterback in Tampa,” Whisenhunt said in reference to Bucs rookie quarterback Mike Glennon. “That position is so important for us, it is nice to have a coach with his track record and had success working with a young quarterback, because that position is so critical.”

    “Obviously excited about the opportunity,” McNulty said. “I was in Jacksonville when Tennessee was on its roll in the AFC and I know what the city and stadium were like during that time and we are looking to get back to those days in Nashville. I am excited to get to work with Jake (Locker), Ryan (Fitzpatrick) and the group. Jake, as everyone knows, is a competitive, smart, tough football player that the team rallies around. I think everyone knows his best days are ahead of him. So I am excited about the opportunity to work with him – a guy who is talented, hungry and smart.”

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    Highly respected coach. Built a great defense in Buffalo with Gregg Williams. I don't know a Titans' fan who wasn't excited.

    Hindsight is 20/20

    Still, I believe Gray to be a great coach. No, he didn't do too well here. Belichick didn't do great in Cleveland either. IMO, a great coach having a great season is the combination of having a great vision/direction, decent to amazing talent to work with, and hardest of all, getting everyone to buy in.
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    glad he thinks so highly of jake, ,must come from what whiz has told him....meaning whiz likes jake already
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