John Abraham Visits

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by xpmar9x, May 2, 2013.

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    True story??!
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    wow. how awesome would that be. we'd go from ZERO depth at DE to loaded.
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    Just heard on nflnetwork that even if we sign Abraham we could still look to sign Freeney. Best offseason ever if we get both
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    Talk about an old defensive line. I'd still do it lol
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    I'm pretty sure we don't. Nor would I want both really.

    They would serve the same role in terms of what they do and how they play - even their body types. Both are more speed rushers and smaller in stature. However, saying that, they are both true 4-3 DE (unlike KW who I still see as more a 3-4 OLB) and therefore could have a positive influence on both Ayers/KW learning and re-learning to play there (KW played 4-3 end in college I think).

    Of the three we've brought in, Israel and John would be my first choices. Really either or I'd be happy and both would help.

    In Israel we get a more effective big guy who can be put aside Casey/Hill/Morgan in 'bigger' packages - switching Morgan with Ropati in 'huge' packages. He will also serve as insurance to Morgan if we were to lose him to injury (not sold on Ropati yet as a starter in the event of injury). Even though older, I'd probably prefer him to Ropati. Its funny, if we were to get Israel we'd really have two 3-4 ends (not sure we'd do it as you still need a NT, probably bigger and more physical backers), but that's interesting nonetheless.

    In John we would get a guy who can speed rush off the edge and maybe show KW/Ayers some things. He would also be a good guy to spell KW/Morgan, perhaps more so than Israel/Ropati.

    As for Dwight, I feel he is more on the downside of his career. I know he was playing last year standing up as a 3-4 'backer and he is a true 4-3 DE, but between him and John I'd take the ex-Falcon.

    And if really we are to get 2 DE, I'd for sure take the preferred option of John/Israel for what I see as the better players and those who also happen to give you more flexibility as well as insurance. I'd also be ok with Freeney/Israel as it would also still provide that same flexibility. HOWEVER, if we were to get both John and Freeny, I just don't see how all these little DE would get a chance to play (KW/Ayers/John/Freeny?)
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    Ruston Webster da gawd
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    He has one good year left as hopefully it will be great in TN if, just if the team signs him.